Monday, September 15, 2008

Charmaine's Endorsement in Shanghai

Seems like Charmaine is earning big money during her holidays. Hehehe. She recently endorsed two new products. Vigarce beverage and also a cosmetic brand. This must have been the longest vacation Charmaine took since being in the industry. Blessings to Charmaine's younger brother on his wedding!! Here are some pictures from Vigarce beverage with Charmaine on it! Also the other day I was trying to recall the official name of Turbulence of East and West, and I think I finally figured it out! The Official English title should be : When Easterly Flower Meets Western Gardens.(WEFMWG)....Wow. I used to think that LWOLAP(Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion) was already hard enough to type. Hahaha.


Look at Charmaine on all those bottles and cans!! I think after I finish the drink, I would have to think twice before throwing them away. Hahaha.

And for the Cosmetic brand, Sehseh is translating the news. So I'll wait for her to post them up instead. Thanks Sehseh for her efficiency. There is an interview with Tavia Yeung in The Star Malaysia Newspaper today. So I'll post that up instead and also another edition of Fung Pong Blog!

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