Friday, September 5, 2008


I lost my cellphone last Saturday!!!! I love that phone very much and now it is gone!!! Very sorry, wasn't updating for the last few days because was busy tracking down my phone, doing police report, getting a new phone(Samsung SGH-i450) and also re-activating my phone number.

Also I lost all my contacts, so friends, please SMS me to let me know your phone number! I'm still using the same number. Thanks!

Today I received my prize from Batgwa. Hehehe. Thanks Batgwa for Joey's autographed CD, Poster and also the TVBuddy key ring!

Besides that, I was shopping for my phone and somehow ended up in the CD shop. LOL. And I saw Moonlight Resonance DVD! It is part 1 of the DVD(episodes 1-20). So I was thinking should I wait for all of the episodes to come first or just get part 1 now?...........In the end I bought it...LOL. I'm at episode 9 right now and so far I feel that it's better than Heart of Greed in terms of storyline, quotes etc. This series makes you laugh...then cry...then laugh...then cry again! Hahaha. At least that's what is happening to my mum. She's glued to the TV screen watching MR as i type right now...I think she's already up to episode 13.....

Another update is I will be going down to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow morning and will be back on Monday. I will be attending Junior Idol Finals at Sunway Lagoon on 7th September, Sunday. Artiste appearing are Raymond Lam, Bernice Liu, Yoyo Mung, Kenneth Ma, Joe Ma, Vivian Yeo, Leo Ku, Vincent Wong, Hotcha etc etc Besides that, Bowie Lam and Maggie Siu will be going to One Utama this weekend too. So maybe I will go to the event on Saturday. So see you guys then, and hope to bring back some nice pictures and videos in this trip!

Some pictures :

Moonlight Resonance DVD Part 1


Inside picture of the DVD. I love the one Ah Hou, Ah Yuet and Ah Hing with their grandpa showing the 'peace' sign. But actually, it isn't actually the 'peace' sign. I think it has a meaning in the series related to Susanna Kwan's characer. LOL.


Continuation of the 'peace' sign by Jo Pao, Ah Ka, Sa Yi, Ah Chau and Hor Ma. LOL.


Label on the disc. Sorry disc 2 features Ray and Linda but its not there...because I lost it!! LOL...Just Kidding...It's in the DVD player with my mum watching while giggling and sobbing earlier when I took this picture. Haha.

Looking forward to Part 2!! Hopefully more funny pictures! Hehehe. Oh..also there is a small character chart booklet in it! ^^

Joey Yung Starlight from Batgwa!


Front cover! When I opened my parcel I did not expect the album cover to look like this. It's gorgeous! Hahaha.


Disc 1 with the autographed booklet by Joey!!

Also there's something worth watching and funny posted a Kate's blog which can say be related to Charmaine. Hahaha. Have a look at it here! Be back on Monday! Goodnight!

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