Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Drive Of LIfe Special : FungPong Blog #10

Wing Sau Fung Blog : Distasteful Person

This Wah Zhan Pong, I don't know what is in his head! Obviously, a pile of GRASS! I thought he likes me? If not, why would he buy all my land units from me for no reasons? If he likes me, and knows I like money, why didn't he open up to me? Being good, I must have gave him too much of a smiley face? Does he really thinks that I will like him unconditionally?

Also that Fong Bing Yee. I am positive, she must have something for Wah Zhan Pong. More than one occasion, she kept on trying to attack me. Locking me up in the washroom!! I think only the heaven knows how crazy she is. I wonder what kind of guy will like such a women.

Wah Zhan Pong Blog : This day has arrived

I finally have this day! My father is willing to trust me at last! At first, I thought he asked me for a game of basketball was only to rekindle our relationship. But actually, he surprised me by saying he will allow me to go ahead with my plan to trade the building for the land. I was really excited! You can say, that this is the best feeling of achievement I have so far in my life. Don't think that I don't care about this. Actually I really care if father approves my plan.

Thinking about the future, I am very excited. The History of Kwok Wai, will be rewritten by me. Starting from today, Kwok Wai will not only lead in steel and iron production, but also be the premier leader in property development.

I will bring the profit of Kwok Wai to millions and billions! Imagine in the future, when people mentions Kwok Wai, they will mention ME, Wah Zhan Pong. The creator of miracle, Kwok Wai's Real Estate Legend! This is very fun!

Original Blog post from TVB The Drive of Life Blog

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Ivy : There! Another edition as promised! Zhan Pong really is a dreamer. Hahaha. And Sau Fung's blog entry reminds me of that episode where Bing Yee locked her up in the bathroom! Hahaha. Still remember the making where Charmaine and Myolie were filming that scene where she stained Sau Fung's dress with curry fishballs and it was a 'Good Take!' in one shot. Haha.

Also Super Trio Supreme will be arriving in Penang next Monday, 22nd September. And I am still clueless as to who will be coming of course, besides the four hosts. Anyone know of any information? Please let me know!! Thanks!

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