Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Charmaine's Schedule

Business Doctor (企業醫生) Costume Fitting

Date : 23rd September 2008
Time : 12.30pm
Venue : 將軍澳電視廣播城

Ivy : Charmaine is back to work! Hope she enjoyed her holiday and rested well! Looking forward to the pictures soon. I felt like I haven't been updating her schedule for ages. LOL. At last there is a new schedule today. I think the costume fitting is going on right now while I type!

Sorry for the recent no updates because I have visitors so couldn't go online all the time. Also, I may be going down to KL again this Friday. This time, not because of celebrities. LOL. But for some personal and also education matters. Haha. Also bought Moonlight Resonance DVD!! Going to finish the drama soon!

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