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Tavia Yeung@H2O+ Outlet Pavilion Kuala Lumpur Part 2 + Liza Wang Concert



Where did I stop? Oh yeah, the interview! Hehe. Tavia used to mention that she feels her side view look the best. So you can see that in the picture above. And I agree with her, her features are enhanced in her side view. Also, still love the dress because its my favourite colour blue! I think blue is Tavia's favourite too. LOL. So after that, Tavia and that lady(I think she's the host of the variety program 'Mary Go Round'...not too sure though) finished the interview. The host went to the outside of the shop to continue filming some other parts of the show. I keep on hearing her repeating the line, "There is no ugly woman in this world, only lazy woman."(In cantonese) She kept on NG-ed! Hahaha.

Back to Tavia! Tavia then stood up and walked around then the cameraman approached her. I heard he told Tavia in cantonese, "Can you act walking around and shopping around for the program?" Then Tavia said, "OK OK!" So Tavia started filming! Haha. First time I saw TVB artiste filming. Although not for a series but still, Tavia very 'thau yap' wor...Hahaha. She walked through the aisles in front of me then pretend looking at the products and browsing through them. I dare not take a video when she was at the aisle in front of me because I don't want to get chased for blocking the cameraman! haha. Then Ah Yi moved to the other counter and tried the handcream. LOL. After that she browsed the aisle opposite and I took a video of it!

Ah Yi's so cute when she took that tube and shake it in front of the cameraman. Haha!

After filming the 'shopping scene' my mum told me..."Hey, come follow me! I want to take a picture with Yeung Yi!" Then I said, "OK, come!" So we walked towards the cashier because Tavia was there. And then I saw Tavia was 'acting' cashier which was really funny. She was supposed to give the receipt to the customer and then thanked them and sign an autograph and take a picture together. But then Tavia was very blur! hahaha. The crew said to her, "Give them the receipt." And Tavia said, "Ok." The customer paid with credit card so when you buy something with card, there usually are two receipts right? One customer copy and another merchant copy where the customer is supposed to sign. And Ah Yi was really hillarious...she quickly took the signed copy and passed it to the customer and thanked the customer! Hahaha. The crew quickly stopped her and said, "No no! That one is for the shop!" Haha.

After she's done with everything, my mum to my surprise, talked to her in ENGLISH! She asked Tavia, "Can I take a picture with you?" And I added in, "Ah Yi! Ngo Mama siong tong nei ying xiong!" Then Tavia said, "Hou le hou le." (Alright) Then I helped my mum and Tavia took the picture. After that, my mum told Tavia, again in English, "You look very very pretty!" Tavia listened then she smiled and answered her back in English, "Owh! Thank You, Thank You."(how's her English?Hard to judge in just a few words, but it sounds good. Hehe) So after taking pictures, we walked back to the guard area and Tavia was also ready to leave already. So she walked towards the exit and before she left, she got the mic and said to her fans in cantonese, "Do you still want to see me? Yes? Then where to see me? H2O outlet!! Bye bye!" Before she left a fan at the last minute said, "Ah Yi! Help me sign!" And Tavia did not dissapoint and helped her sign a picture. Actually I wanted to ask her to sign too earlier. Actually I got a lot of chance, but because Tavia was supposed to sign H2O official pictures for today's event, so I feel it isn't appropriate to ask her to sign my personal photos during the event incase she felt 'gam gai'. She is the spokesperson afterall and has her obligations.

After Tavia left, I spoke to her other fanclub members for awhile and then ate lunch with my mum, brother and Rachel before leaving for Genting Highlands to watch Liza Wang's concert. More pictures of Tavia first.


So after that at 8pm went to Arena of Stars to watch Liza's concert. Upon entering, Haihz...I feel I was one of the youngest spectator. My mum spotted some of her friends there too. Maybe most of her generation people know Liza Wang better. But I already consider my mum very 'In' because she likes Joey Yung, Charmaine Sheh and Bowie Lam. Maybe influenced by me! Haha. So as usual, which can be annoying, how should I phrase it? Malaysians tend to never be puctual. People keep pouring in and the show only started at around 8.20pm. Also, no pictures posted because no camera allowed during show......

The show started with Law Kar Ying appearing first and talking about Liza's history and life. Then after that, slideshows were shown on the big screen of Liza. Then Liza appeared and sang a song which I don't know. Liza looked really pretty for a 60 something year old. Her complexion is very fair. But then, hmm...her live singing was not up to my expectation! The band music was too loud that it covered her voice. And also maybe because of age, so her voice was not as powerful as it used to be. She is Ah Jie afterall so maybe I should not critic too much! LOL. But I won't be hypocrite too!

She continued with more songs from the 60's. Most of the songs could be heard in 'Glittering Days'. But still the same problem, music covering her voice which could get quite disrupting. Liza had around 3 to 4 costume change and while she changed, Law Kar Ying took over and sang some songs and talked a bit. Honestly, Mr Law is a better talker than Liza. And his voice seems to be stronger too. LOL. The downfall to the concert was that the audience didn't get 'high'! Or maybe it was just me...and my mum. Maybe its a little too farfetched to compare Liza's concert to Joey's Starlight, but then to put it in simple words, the feeling of the two concerts are totally different. Hahaha. After that, she sang her golden melodies from series themesong, which are the only songs that I could recognise. She didn't sang much songs and then she announced that it was reaching the end already O.o.....RM180 for $$$....hahahhaa. So she thanked the event sponsorers and she thanked the wrong number of radio station...998 instead of 988....but she did corrected it after that.

After the concert, I felt that Liza should stick to acting and not hold a personal concert as acting is still her forte. She also seemed to not have much time for preparations for this concert as in one song, she missed 3 words in the my dissapointment. And there were too many slideshows to watch. But then, the main reason I go to this concert is because I want to see Liza in life. So after concert, I waited at the lower ground to wait and see if Liza came out for interview. Then there, I saw my mum's friend. They already booked in advance to take pictures with Liza(through connections). My mum tried asking the guard if she could enter too? But then the guard refusued. So its Ok, we just saw from outside and saw Liza passed through to take pictures with them. But Liza didn't come towards our side and left after taking pictures with them. Seems like she doesn't really like socializing...Haha. Ah Jie attitude?? LOL. After that, Law Kar Ying came out. And he was very different. He was very nice and came forward and helped me signed autographs and also he came out to take pictures with us.

So what's my opinion on this concert? Lack of preparation, and should I come again if Liza is here for another concert? I doubt! I'll only go if its got to do with her acting! And rather spend double of RM180 for a Joey Yung concert!!

On a side note, today is my blog's 1st anniversary!! Didn't expect to grow so much until today with my blog! So I'd like to Thank all readers of my blog for their support and contributions throughout the year~!! THANK YOU!!

To date, out of the many artiste I've met personally and had enough time to analyze them, Tavia Yeung has got to be the most humble and also very polite and sincere to her fans. Besides her, the next person I could think of is Moses Chan which is a true gentlemen. Followed by Michelle Yim^^Charmaine is very nice too but I am still yet to get to know her better because in previous functions, I didn't have much time with her. But through other fans, Charmaine seems to be very nice too! Looking forward to more events in the future to share!!

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