Thursday, December 11, 2008

Yahoo! Popularity BUZZ Awards 2008

Charmaine won the 'Most Popular TV Female Actress' Award in Yahoo! awards yesterday. Raymond Lam won too for the Male category!! Will post news updates on this when they are available! CONGRATULATIONS to Charmaine!! Will continue to support you~~!!

As Charmaine is super busy wrapping up filming for Enterprise Doctor, so there may be lack of news of her until around Christmas and New Year.

Charmaine mentioned she has wrapped up filming for Enterprise and is on holiday now!! *fingers cross* maybe she could come to Malaysia for some events during her holidays!!
Sehseh already posted news translation at her blog. Visit her blog here for the news. Also, Charmaine updated her blog with a video thanking her online fans! So drop by to support her blog and leave a comment if you could!

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