Friday, December 12, 2008

Joey's Yahoo! Blog Dec 11th

I don't usually post up Joey's blog posts up here but this blog post is hilarious that I decided to post it up here to share and also comment about it. LOL.

Translation by Rsung.

A Little Creativity

Two days ago, I attended an award ceremony press conference. The dress code for that day was to dress like a politician. Whilst on stage, several other female singers and I had to make a speech and state our political program, so it was very funny.

However, beforehand, I had to find a suitable outfit, so I needed to give it some thought. I went online to find some pictures for reference. When I had everything ready and just needed a pearl necklace to finish it off. However, at home, I only had a fake necklace and it was an extremely long one. In the end, I managed to successfully make it through the test!


But the view from the back is more interesting!


This press conference has let me have a lot of fun!

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Ivy : Joey is very silly. And she even express her silliness in her blog. LOL. Joey is more computer savvy so she's very computer literate. Nicholas Tse quoted, "Joey Yung is the person who made me know what is MSN Messenger." LOL.

When Joey said that her pearl necklace was too long, I was expecting her to get a new necklace or borrow it from didn't cross my mind that she'll use masking tapes to tape the necklace at her back so that the necklace will appear shorter..........I think I knew where she got the idea from! Those wires for earphones used when singers perform on stage? They usually use tapes to tape the wire to the back of their outfits too!! Hmm...something like this picture from her Starlight concert...

Image Hosted by

This made me realise that artiste not necesarilly have to use genuine items all the time. Even a simple pearl necklace like this. They do use costume jewelleries too. Haha. But a little surprising Joey does not own a genuine pearl necklace with her wealth. But then, she's famous for being thrifty to herself..LOL.

Anyway, very creative of her and also very honest. Luckily she wasn't asked to take off her blazer during the event!! Hahaha. She's also organizing a barbeque with her fanclub members end of this month. Very rare to find such a humble 'tin hao'. Maybe because she's the youngest 'tin hao' so far. LOL. It'll be real nice if all Queen of Pop is so down-to-earth! Hang fuk ge fansi!!! I'd love to attend barbeque functions with Charmaine, Tavia, Raymond, Kevin etc etc too!!! Hahaha....Then I'll 'Siu Kai Yek' for Charmaine. Grandpa Jo! Don't snatch with me!!

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