Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Joey pronounces "Sheh Si Man"

I was watching an old interview clip of Joey when browsing around Youtube and found a clip where Amigo the interviewer and Joey mentions Charmaine! Haha. I feel that the way Joey pronounces Charmaine's name 'Sheh Sze Man' is very funny. Haha. Maybe because usually people call Charmaine 'Ah Sheh' rather than 'Sheh Sze Man' so when they talk using her full name it sounds a bit weird. Hahaha.

Charmaine is mentioned around 3 minutes into part 2 of the clip but I'll post up both parts up here so that it won't be a broken interview for those who want to watch the full thing. The interview should be around the time where Joey just completed filming 'On the First Beat'.

Part 1

Part 2

In the interview, Amigo and Joey were talking about incomes and he said that there were reports that Joey only needs to sing 4 songs at an event and her pay is $400,000. So he asked her how true is this?

Joey mentions that usually just cut it to half. Because she said that part of the income goes to the company(Blood suckers EEG!!!..LOL) and also to the manager(Mani!! No wonder you're so rich!)
So Amigo said usually when artiste become famous, their tax is also very high. I'll post Charmaine's part in dialogue.

Amigo : Usually when an artiste starts to become famous, then paying tax becomes a headache. They'll feel, Wah, paying tax is really serious. TVB, Sheh Si Man leh, have reports saying that she has to pay over 1 million dollars of tax.

Joey : Ng Hai Ah Ma????(Is it so????)

Amigo : Yes. So I'll ask you a question and you have to answer me honestly.

Joey : Ok ar....

Amigo : So actually is her tax higher or yours??

Joey : Ermm...let me think. Seems like Sheh Si Man's is higher!!

Amigo : Ng Hai Ah Ma???(Is it so???)

Joey : HAHAHA.....

Amigo : Singer get to claim!!!??

Joey : Yes! Claim! And also my mum hires an accountant to manage the accounts and also because after my expenses so here and there, the sum is just somewhere there(not as high).

Ivy : Poor Charmaine!! Why artiste don't get to claim like the singers could? Hahaha. But seeing from another point of view, this means Charmaine earns a lot. Kekeke....I think TVB still takes part of their artiste's endorsement pay, but maybe not as high as EEG! Thinking of Raymond earning from both sides...Wooo no wonder he's so rich. 'Siu Ye Zai' now become even richer!! Hahaha.

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