Saturday, December 20, 2008

HOCC(Denise Ho)'s Charity Exhibition

Denise Ho Wan Si held a charity exhibition in Harbour City, Hong Kong from 16th December 2008 to 4th January 2009. Denise recently posted videos of her friends helping her to promote this event earlier. They are Home Videos which make the videos extra cute! Here are some examples of the videos and I personally feel that Joey Yung and Eason Chan's video is the cutest and also you can see they really put effort in it to help her out!

Joey Yung

The part where Joey tore the paper and also the part she showed the plush toy was very hilarious! Hahhaa.
Eason Chan
Eason's part with the hankie is very cute...LOL...

Miriam Yeung

I personally feel she should put some heart into it.....btw she'll be holding a concert in Genting Highlands coming March.

Shu Qi

Beautiful background!! But Denise, zoom zoom zoom!!!

Ivana Wong & Hins Cheung

It's an effort. But they should slow down...

There are more from others like Sammi Cheng, At 17 etc, but then I won't post too many up here. I personally feel its nice of Denise to hold this exhibition for charity. It's always nice to do something for charity^^ Also....Hehehe...Joey was spotted at her exhibition earlier and her silly self did something silly again.... PhotobucketOne of her fans must have spotted her and took these pictures. So I'll do some captions for them...hahaha.

Caption 1 :Photobucket....Can't believe it! Joey!!! I'm so in luck! *snap snap snap*

Caption 2 : Eeeee.....Joey writing something on the board..must be an autograph board or somewhere for visitors to scribble something on it....*peek peek**snap snap*

Caption 3 : Lets see what she scribbled(read read...analyse analyse)................Photobucket

Ivy : what did Joey scribbled? After analysing....hmm....seems like earlier on, a fan wrote on the board(in green) "Ho Wan Si, will Yung Cho Yee come? Add Oil!" And then that fan forged Joey's signature and drew an arrow pointing towards it and stated that its 'fake'. So Joey must have spotted this and replied(in black) "I have visited!" Then, she signed on the board and also drew an arrow pointing towards it and stated "genuine". Hahahaha...... That fan forged her signature quite well really. Except for some missing strokes here and there. Joey is very funny to respond to the scribbles..hehehe. To those from or currently at Hong Kong, go support Denise's exhibition if you got the time! Maybe can spot some celebs around^^

Also another happy news before I go to bed!!! Charmaine won the Best Actress Award for Maiden's Vow at TVS Award Presentation last night!! Congratulations Charmaine!! And she look georgeous in that red dress!! Before I opened this post, my mum told me, "Sleep early when you are sick!!" Its 1.10am now....I better go to bed! Will post news on the award once they are out tomorrow! Hope it goes smoothly because as of now, Shehsheh BBS and is down!!!! Sneek preview of Charmaine!!


GOODNIGHT!!!! I shall go now....HEHEHEHE.....

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sport3888 said...

lol actually those photos of Joey were taken by Denise herself! She posted them on her charity fund facebook. She 1st posted it but then took it off probably afraid of rumors. But then she posted them again. Captions were like "Ms. Yung in the mad house" and she wrote "haha" under the photo with Joey's reply to that question. From what is heard, they said Joey went pretty late around 9pm so not many people knew she went. Probably want to avoid reporters.