Sunday, December 21, 2008

Shopping : Citizen Eco-Drive


I went shopping today and bought a watch! Hahaha. I was looking for a watch for quite some time and then the other day I was flipping through 'AstroView' and saw a Citizen ad in it. Found a scan of it. See below!(scan credit as watermarked) I think its Citizen Winter Collection 2008 judging by the white backdrop behind Joey.


My current watch is a Casio and I was thinking of getting either Citizen, Seiko or Guess. But then after considering, I changed my mind on considering Guess because they produce mostly fashion watches which I feel is not worth the money(I'm looking for quality watch rather than fashion watch to invest in..hahaha). You can have many fashion watch but you must have one good watch. LOL. I wouldn't want a watch which would not last too long. My Casio watch is good. I've been using it for around 4 years and I haven't changed a single battery and also the time is still very precise with only I think few seconds difference! I also wear it while I swim!! It's a diving watch so no problem. But then, I caused scratches to the watch so that's why I want to get a new one. Citizen or Seiko is more trustable and also its Japanese technology and also value for money. Haha.

So OK, I saw the ad on AstroView and the new models looks nice! Plus, its Eco-Drive technology! So I'm thinking I'll get Citizen because of Eco-Drive. If I get Seiko, it will be ordinary battery operated watch. And also to see it in another different funny way(but of course, not seriously!..LOL), I support Joey more to Miriam! Hahaha. BTW, if you're wondering what is Eco-Drive, here's a short description :

"Eco-Drive, solar powered generating system, meaning that there is no need to ever change batteries. 150 Days power reserve when fully charged. It's also Eco-friendly as there is no need to change and dispose off batteries."

Meaning that the watch does not need batteries. It uses light(solar power) to operate. And light keeps charging it. Pretty cool! At first, I wanted to get the Gold leather stripe one where Joey is wearing in the ad. But then the retailer I went didn't order the gold series because he said its harder to sell gold watches(hmm..I thought gold is 'in' this season). So he showed me the silver one and I tried it on. It looks good actually! Its like a mixture of Sporty Watch and also Fashion Watch. Looks classy too!


The features of the watch are good too.

1) The whole watch is made in Japan. Unlike Casio where its Japan technology but cased in China. Citizen used to case in China too but they are starting to change to fully Japan made.
2) Sapphire Crystal Glass! So no worries of scratches as the Sapphire Crystal is supposed to be scratch-proof!
3) White Mother-of-Pearl Dial!
4) Chronograph!
5) 3-years warranty(M'sia, Brunei, Singapore), 1-year warranty Worldwide!

But then, price not so good! Hahaha. So after bargaining a little by my mum(quite pro) so got it at a better price! YEAH! But still, big big hole in pocket! So SEI YE PAT PAT!! Don't so MEAN!! Like Ah Long 'zui shou'!!! JKJK...Eventually, my mum bought it for me and said 'Advanced Birthday Present! THANK YOU MUMMY!!! OMG~~Ivy sounds like a watch-addict! Haha..seriously I love shopping for watches...LOL. Also camera and sunglasses!! thing in common with Charmaine! Yeah! She loves watches too!! to experience this new technology~~~



Anonymous said...

Great Watch worr..

how much u bought?

Ivy said...

Hi anonymous :) retail price is RM1090.00 Got it cheaper after 20% discount ;)

Anonymous said...


currently i'm targeting Citizen Eco-Drive Collection, but i think the price is considered a bit high in mid range watch:(

Thanks for the information.
Btw, mind to tell me in which store u bought :P

Ivy said...

Sure I dont mind :) I bought it at GL Time outlet in Prangin Mall Penang. Hehe...great to know another person who is interested in Eco-Drive..keke. Happy shopping and good luck to you! Hope you get your watch soon!