Monday, December 29, 2008

Scoop Starbiz Review & Metro Hits Awards 2008

Charmaine's Part on Scoop Starbiz Review 2008. This year, Charmaine's part in Starbiz Review focuses on Kevin-Charmaine-Niki. ( I hate the way they put up this clip!! Just take it with a pinch of salt....)

A little hosting by Joey and 'Mai Shuet Jie Jie'!! Feels like a little girl talking to her idol! Haha....

Anniversary Awards part(focusing more on cleavage????).......poor Sonija...


CONGRATULATIONS to Joey for becoming the big winner, winning 5 Awards including "Metro Radio Hits Female Singer Award", "Metro Radio Hits Stage Performer Big Award", "Metro Radio Hits Big Singer Award", "Metro Radio Hits World Singer Award" at Metro Radio Music Awards!!

After the Metro Awards, there were rumours of Joey and Denise ignoring Kay during the awards. Haihz.....why couldn't the reporters write something positive but always try to make up negative news? Anyway, here's a news article responding to this.

Rumours of Joey ignoring Kay

Louis Cheung, Square and Jason Chan all attended an event yesterday and they all said they had to work on Christmas Eve. However, Louis insisted that he wanted to spend some time with his wife and son on Christmas Day. When Louis was asked about reports that his wife, Kay Tse, was being ignored by more senior singers, Denise Ho and Joey Yung, during the Metro Awards celebration dinner, Louis said: “This isn’t very likely because I am good friends with Denise and Joey. Often, we will go out to have meals together and, also, Joey will text me to tell me to offer Kay some support, to help relieve the pressure on her.”

Miriam Yeung was also asked about the rumours about Kay being ignored by Denise and Joey and her reply was: “I don’t think so, I didn’t notice that happening, they are good friends. However, I know this news story exists and it’s probably just to help sell more newspapers, so it doesn’t really matter”. Vincy Chan also defended Joey by saying: “The rumours aren’t true, the three of them are good friends and Joey and Denise are really supportive towards Kay. Previously, Kay had said that Joey was recommending her album to other singers to listen to. These rumours are just to help sell more newspapers. Everyone, don’t believe it!”

Translation credits to Rsung.

Ivy : Miriam is right. Selling more newspapers.....Since Astro Wah Lai Toi will be airing the award on 31st Dec so I'll be on the lookout...let's see how true are the reports...hahaha. But owh, they were talking about the celebration dinner not the award ceremony...but I saw many pictures of them together during the dinner...LOL. Also, very nice of Louis wanting to accompany his wife. Hope Kay gets better soon. Seems like her punctured lung affected her singing. She's been complaining of having phlegm while singing. Poor Kay, she couldn't sing well that night. Really understand her feelings going through this as a singer. Reporters should just leave her alone and not create more negative rumours!

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