Saturday, December 27, 2008

勝雪鹽棧(Sweetness In The Salt) on Astro On Demand

YEAH YEAH!!! Astro On Demand will be airing Sweetness In The Salt after Pages of Treasures finish airing next week!! Hate to say this, but seems like TVB will be warehousing this series!! Instead, TVB will air a mainland series at the 8.30pm timeslot(unconfirmed news). If its true, so bad of them to warehouse Tavia's series!! They don't think that Tavia could lead a series yet!!!???

Anyway, I'm glad that AOD chose to air it because I've been anticipating this series for quite some time. The series started filming early this year and Tavia spent lots of effort filming this series. I'll rant rant rant if AOD choose to follow TVB airing a mainland China production!! AOD is airing Maggie Shiu's Taiwan series now and I didn't even watched an episode yet! LOL...because I HATE DUBBING!!! The way they dubbed Maggie's voice...I couldn't bare listening to it! The same way as I couldn't watch "Carry Me Fly and Walk Off" and also "Qian Long Xia Jiang Nan" both of Charmaine's dubbed series until now. Furthermore, Benny is in it and all those kissing scenes between them....*uurrgh!!* feel like slapping *****......Hahahaha.

Opps...back to Sweetness. Hehehe. Ok I'll pay full attention and support Sweetness in The Salt! After all, Tavia's first leading role! Yeah! GO GO GO!! And AOD!! Don't you dare re-schedule and air something else besides Sweetness!! I'm going to Uni in Feb and if there's any changes, I'm going to miss Sweetness!!! SUPPORT TAVIA YEUNG!!

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