Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Baptism of Fire

After his fiery initiation into the acting scene, Hong Kong actor Kevin Cheng reckons he will be better prepared to reprise his role as a fireman in the TVB drama, Burning Flame III.

Hot TV actor Kevin Cheng Ka Wing tells of why he does not like playing with fire.


HONG Kong heartthrob Kevin Cheng Ka Wing will have to relive his fears as he takes on his next role in TVB drama Lit Fo Hung Sum (Burning Flame III).

The dashing 37-year-old actor with pan-Asian looks will reprise his role as a fireman although he is not certain whether he will be playing the same character.

“When I joined TVB eight years ago, my first drama was Burning Flame II,” Cheng said, recounting the most unforgettable scene from his TVB debut.

“I did not have much acting experience and I didn’t know what it was like to be a fireman.

“Everybody was wearing fireproof suits, completely covered from head to toe, and very carefully examining whether any skin was exposed.

“I was wondering why everyone was so concerned and so serious. The director gave instructions for everyone to fall down when he signalled.

“Then, the flames came and the director yelled, ‘Fall down now!’ I was rooted and had no clue that the flames would be coming at us like that.”

Cheng described animatedly how the fire hit them and wrapped around them. “So, this was what a gas explosion was like. They filled the room with gas and they set fire to it. Because the air pressure was so high, we were practically lifted off our feet. Now, that was the most dangerous thing I did.”

Would he ever attempt that dangerous stunt again? “Well, I have to do it again in the sequel, but I am definitely more prepared.”

Cheng is one of TVB’s hottest actors of the season as Cantonese drama viewers will attest. Last year, he appeared in Keung Gim (Devil’s Disciples), Se Yi Yan Sang (Life Art), Tung Tin Gon Taam (The Ultimate Crime Fighter) and Jui Mei Lai Dik Dai Chat Tin (The Seventh Day).

This year, fans will also see him in Yu Dik Tong Hang (Last One Standing, with co-stars Kwok Chun On and Yoyo Mung) and Fat Jing Sin Fung II (Forensic Heroes II).

Cheng was in Kuala Lumpur for the launch of Bonia at Pavilion KL while taking a break from the filming of Forensic Heroes II.

“Have you seen CSI? It’s somewhat similar. We’d search for clues and do analysis on hair or blood.

“I play Ivan, a bomb specialist living in England. After his girlfriend is killed in an explosion, he returns to Hong Kong and joins the Forensics Department.”

His co-stars in Forensic Heroes II include most of the original cast Bobby Au-Yeung Chan Wah, Yoyo Mung Ka Wai and Frankie Lam Man Lung. Charmaine Sheh Sze Man makes a pretty addition to the formidable team.

“The biggest challenge is memorising our lines. It was all very technical and there were things we do not understand. However, we still have to deliver convincingly,” elaborates Cheng.

Cheng says if he does get a break in between filming the serials, he would like to go on vacation. “I’d like to learn diving. I’ll come again to Malaysia. I like the har meen (shrimp noodles) here. And, the mor kwai yu (grilled stingray) tastes really good, much better than those in Singapore.

“Most importantly, I’d like to visit my friends here, who are mostly not in the entertainment business.”

source: The Star Malaysia

Ivy: Just saw this article featured on The Star(Malaysia's English newspaper) today. Glad Kevin enjoys Malaysian food ;-) The author was nice to say that Charmaine was a pretty addition to FH2. And Kevin does have quite a number of friends living in Malaysia.

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