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Charmaine Sheh does not fear having rumours with Joe Ma

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Note: Some info on Forensic Heroes II

Source: Kuala Lumpur News

Last year there were rumours that Joe Ma and Benny Chan had a fought for Charmaine Sheh. Now, rumoured couple Charmaine Sheh and Joe Ma has passed the possibility of having any rumours as it is going to be the fourth time they are cooperating together in the coming series 《東關飄雨西關晴》(name subject to change).

Charmaine and Joe has worked together in Strike at Heart, Maidens Vow and The Drive of Life. Regarding her coming colaberation with Joe Ma, Charmaine laughs and said: " We had already cooperated so many times, everybody knows that we are good friends, therefore I am not afraid of spreading rumours. Moreover I also often drink tea with him and his wife!"

The coming series is about the story of 西關小姐(Sai Guan Siu Je), where she will also star with Liza Wang. Because she has onced cooperated with Liza in another series "Glittering Days", she does not feel the pressure working with her anymore. Charmaine had just finished filming Forensic Heroes II and is now on leave. Charmaine will be leaving for Johore with fellow colleague Bobby Au Yeung on 18th January to meet with and play games with fans.

Charmaine smiled and said that after "Witness to a Prosecution 2" this is the second time she is colaberating with Bobby. But this time she will only have colleague relationship with Bobby and the sentimental parts will be with Kevin Cheng. When inquired if Kevin Cheng is the type of guy for her to select as her partner in real life, Charmaine was stunned for a moment and subsequently smiled and said: "Ah, he is very gentlemen, a very good guy....wah, you ask me this suddenly, I do not know how to reply!" Then, do both of you usually go out together? " We do go out together with a group of friends, like after finish filming series lo!"

Happy to Receive an Award

Charmaine Sheh plays a high-ranked officer in Forensic Heroes II with a callous manner, person with few words and very dedicated in her work. At first she does not have a very good relationship with her colleagues but through her efficiency in investigations she finnally breaks the barrrier with her colleagues. Regarding whether she wish to win an award in the Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards 2007, she expressed that as an entertainer she will not shut out any awards. As long as there is an award for her she will be very happy.

As for having no plans to film movies yet, "Although there were invites for me to film movies but too bad there were conflicts with the dates for filming series, moreover the movie industry will look for a certain candidate, therefore I am still looking for the opportunity. The company will not prevent us towards movie development."

Ivy: So sorry about the error in the translation earlier!! Charmaine did not hit on the interviewer. Guess I deciphered it wrongly as was rushing to go out. I've corrected it. But I still like her replies regarding Kevin. So Bobby will be coming together with Charmaine to Johore tommorow!! And also I heard that Kevin, Bosco and Myolie coming to Singapore too? Lucky Singaporean fans. Well you guys enjoy yourselves!! As for Malaysian fans Astro website made a mistake where it is stated Ekin Cheng will be with Ray at the 2-430pm event on 26th January. According to myfm it will be Kevin Cheng and Raymond Lam. There will be autograph session for Raymond and Kevin so fans be informed. The event schedule is as follow:
Chinese New Year with Astro Personality
Date: 26 Jan 2008
Venue : LG1, Pyramid Concourse
Time : 2.00pm - 4.30pm

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