Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Moments with Charmaine! (Airport Scene)

Ok, I only have time to update now. The last 2 days had been really eventful and one of the most memorable event in my life! I've decided to write out my experiences for the 2 days spent with the fanclub and also Charmaine. Hope you enjoy!

NOTE: Please do not steal any of the images in this post and claim them to be yours. I am serious about this and will not be kind if I find out anyone stealing and claiming the pictures to be theirs. If you want to use the pictures please ask for permission and credit me.

26th January 2008
Woke up early in the morning and head off to KL Sentral station together with my cousin and my brother(My cousin followed me throughout the 2 days while my brother just followed to the airport as he was too free at the time and decided to follow along to see Ah Sheh). We reached KL Sentral at around 10.15am 15 minutes ahead of schedule. Called Patricia but she hasn't arrived so we walked around and decided to wait in front of McDonalds. I was spotting for anyone wearing the fanclub t-shirt but couldn't find one. Then I saw 2 person holding a bouquet of flowers each and I suspected they are fanclub people. Suddenly phone rang and I answered..at the same time I saw one of the lady holding the bouquet talking on the phone! And yupz she's calling me..haha. Went over to them and I asked are you Patricia and she said "No, I'm Jessie!"...haha. And the other lady with the big bouquet of white roses is none other than Sehseh!! Soon after, Patricia came with her cute little sister ;-) . We then head off to catch the bus to KLIA together with a few other unknown (at that time) Charmaine fans.

Flowers for Charmaine!! Her favourite white roses.

updated 29/01/2008

The journey in the bus was not a boring 1 hour journey but one filled with chattering as we were all busy talking about none other than Charmaine! We then reached the arrival hall and started to set things up. At first no other fans were seen but then soon after Gigi's fans and Bosco's fans were seen with their banners. We waited at the arrival hall for about 45 minutes and while waiting a caucasian guy said "I thought they were for me!(the flowers)" During that 45 minutes there were cameramen too from TVB filming us supporting our idol Charmaine. We then shouted our shout out "Ah Sheh! Ah Sheh! You're the best! We support you forever!!"

Soon after, Charmaine was spotted walking out with Sonija, Roger Kwok, Angela Tong, Wayne Lai, Bosco Wong, Gigi Lai, King Sir and Lai Suen!! And we were standing at the other side of the arrival hall far from them!! Charmaine then looked over at us and pointed us to come over to the other side quick! We then sprinted to the other side of the arrival hall and I saw Charmaine right in fromt of me! I tried to pass my present to her but then out of nowhere the security guys came and block me. Sehseh was right in front of me and got through the guards so I quickly manage to pass the present to her last second and she helped me pass it to Charmaine.(thanks sehseh!) Then Charmaine was walking pass and I quickly stretched my hand out over the guards and Charmaine gave me a really long handshake with a smile! That's so nice of her!!

Then after that I was kind of star strucked and does not know what to do and saw King Sir walked pass and again stretched out my hand and shook hands with him..haha. I then saw Gigi Lai walked pass! I came back to my senses and followed other fans rushing down the escalator and Bosco was on the other escalator heading down beside me and I didn't even realised that until he told us "Siu sam Za Zhe(careful when driving)"

From left : Angela Tong, Wayne Lai, Roger Kwok, crew and security, Charmaine and Sonija.

We then ran and followed them and to tell you the truth I haven't been running that fast ever since sports day in school..haha. The artiste are boarding the bus when we reached the bus stop with Bosco being the last to board. Our cameras were up as we searched through the windows for Charmaine. And I spotted Charmaine sitting towards our side with Sonija and as soon as she was seated she started waving and flashing smiles at us. Roger Kwok seats in front of her while Wayne Lai, in front of him. I was taking pictures of Charmaine to my heart's content and once in awhile waving at her and she was so nice as to wave back!! And seriously you know she's waving at you as she stares straight into your eyes and waves!! Between smiles and waves she also chats with Sonija and also crack some jokes with Roger in front. After that I spotted Gigi sitting at the front sit and went over to take some pictures of her and she too was nice to wave back at me when I waved at her! I also managed to take a picture of Bosco in the bus as he was being interviewed in the bus. Soon after, the bus left and we screamed "See you tonight Charmaine!"

Charmaine waving and flashing smiles at us!!

From Top: 1) Bosco last to board the bus 2) Charmaine and Sonija best of friends 3) Bosco, finally on the bus. 4) Roger Kwok and Wayne Lai 5) Gigi Lai on the bus.

Ivy: Next post will be on Red Carpet event and Awards presentation. Will do it in a new post as one post will be too long. Also "Moments with Charmaine" will be added at the Features section ;) Hope you guys enjoyed so far! Just got to know Charmaine signed autograph and took pictures at airport just now! Oh man feel like killing myself for having class!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Ivy I like the way you express.

Perhaps we the Malaysian fans can share our expriences of seeing Charmaine, compile like into short stories & it can be shared with the rest of the fans from other countries.

I like the TRADEMARK Cheer for Charmaine.

rachel ;-)

ada said...

Thanks for all your effort in supporting our lovely idol Charmaine!