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Moments With Charmaine! (Red Carpets & Awards Presentation)

Here is part 2 and where the fun begins!

NOTE : Please do not steal any of the images in this post and claim them to be yours. All pictures belongs to me(unless stated) and if I found anyone stealing and claiming them to be theirs I would not be kind. If you need to use the images please ask for permission and credit me. Also PLEASE DO NOT DIRECT LINK IMAGES.

After the bus left we then walked back to the airport and was in the elevator with a few caucasians again!(Sehseh, Jessie & Patricia not around coz we sort of got seperated) Haha. And one of the lady asked us, "So tell me, who is this you guys are chasing? Is it the lady(showing gestures with her hand on top of her head) with the hair?". At once we answered in unity, "Yes!!!". She then said, "Oh..she's an actress from Hong Kong?". Again we answered in unison, "Yes!!". So glad they noticed Charmaine out of all the other artistes! And Charmaine's hair is really cute! Haha.

After that we realised we lost Sehseh and the My bro went off because he got something else to do and then the 2 still unknown fans asked me where is Patricia? I called Patricia and managed to find them. We then chartered a van to Sunway Pyramid trying to rush in time for Ah Fung and Kevin's event and again the journey was not a boring one as now we were busy looking at pictures we took and also Ah Fung's album! Haha. Then I got to know this 2 unknown fans Penny & Catherine.( Hi you two! Nice meeting u guys!)

We reached Sunway Pyramid at around pass 3pm and saw many people around the stage where Kevin & Fung supposed to be. But they were not there. So we decided to have lunch at McDonalds! There we met Rachel!(yea Rachel ur part now). Rachel then came and have a chat and also showed us Ray's album that she just bought! Soon after she left to see if the 2 "leng zai" has arrived or not. Patricia and Sehseh also went off to collect the awards ticket from Sonija's function at the hotel. After that my cousin, Penny and her friend then went off to see Ah Fung's fuction but the mall was so big that we practically got lost. Haha. Thanks to the security guard we found the place but then Ray was not there only Kevin. Then heard news that his flight got delayed. There was an autograph session and we managed to squeeze o the front but because we do not have the official picture we were denied entry :-(

Kevin's autographed picture.(Picture credit to Penny)

After that we then rushed to the red carpet venue and saw Patricia and the others there. At the same time Wai Man (host of info zone) were interviewing us and again we held our banners and placards high and shouted out the shout out! "Ah Sheh! Ah Sheh you're the best! We support you Forever!" We were at the red carpets at about 4pm and met a few new fans and also Joniser! She managed to sneak out of work..haha. We waited till 7pm for the red carpet to start and during that time we also saw Bosco's fanclub setting up their stuffs right opposite us. During the wait, many photographers also took pictures of us and we hold up the placards high each time!

At 7pm the red carpet event started and local and TVB artistes walked in and my camera held up all the time busy taking pictures. During the red carpet event I managed to shake hands with some local atistes and Ah Lek Gor although I could feel the person behind me squeezing and pushing! Haha. Charmaine & Raymond were the last to walk the red carpets and it was raining so heavilly at the time. But nevertheless we still shouted out her name and showed full support! For red carpets event enjoy these pictures -

Charmaine & Raymond(The picture is not that clear but I like how it turned out showing Ray & Charm smiling so happily that made the picture look cute!)

More Pictures:


Red carpets finished at around 8.15pm and we quickly packed our placards and banners and made our way to the convention centre. At the convention centre I parted ways with the fanclub because I got VIP tickets. I walked in and found my seat and realised I'm seating just 5 seats away from Amber Chia...haha. I did not realised she was sitting there until almost the end of the show! I was looking for Ah Sheh but the artistes haven't entered the hall. I looked for the artiste's seat and realised I was sitting about 6 rows behind them.

Soon after, the event started and one by one the artistes entered through the stage and to their seats. Charmaine entered holding hands with Raymond smiling all the way! The show started with some singing by talent quest winners and presentation of favourite character awards. Roger Kwok was first to receive an award. After first commercial started I am back to my mission...taking pictures! I walked to the front and tried to get close up shots of Charmaine but to my dismay the guards(urgh...them again!) shooed me back to my seat! I managed to get some pictures but Charmaine's face was either blocked by Wayne Lai or she bent down.

Charmaine & Raymond's Entry

Throughout the show, Charmaine kept on smiling and laughing at the jokes made. There was never a moment I see her not smiling. Besides, she also kept on chattering with Raymond(maybe teasing him on forgetting his passport which caused the delay). I also saw Charmaine in one part of the commercial time asking for eyedrops from her assistant and I saw her applying them. Maybe her eyes are feeling tired. Also I tried to make phone calls but there was no network but then hey! I saw Raymond talking on the phone! He's using a black slide phone...can't see what model...haha. Once in awhile I hear the fanclub at the back shouting the shout out again and again and Charmaine politely remembers to stand up, turn around and give a slight bow n wave. When Charmaine won the favourite character award I could hear the fanclub cheering at the back. And also Charmaine's speech was full of sense of humour and she was so nice to give her award presenter a hug.(I took a video but deleted in accident..I'll post the official version just got the dvd but not yet watch)

When Best Actress was to be announced Gigi's aunt sort of accidentally hinted Gigi's taking the awards. She said, "I'm happy to be here to present this award to this person." And she said that so excitedly so I guess she's too happy she's going to present her niece the award. So when Gigi's name was announced I was not really surprised but still a little dissapointed Charmaine did not win. But then Charmaine is happy for Gigi too and still smiled happily. Besides, Charmaine and Kevin also went up stage to receive the Best Drama Awards representing Forensic Heroes. I actually saw the crew informing them in advance that they are supposed to go receive the awards. Enjoy the following clips from the Best Drama award(Charmaine's so cute when she screamed Bobby!!!) and the end of the award show and notice Charmaine who was frightened by the loud "Boom!" and ran to hide behind Kevin and looked for Sonija in the last She's so cute. Sorry for the shaky videos. Also listen to the fanclub shout out and the whistle blown by Patricia ;)

After the event I wanted to follow fanclub to the hotel to see Charmaine but then I have to follow my parents back so missed it. Next post will be on Niu Zhe Xui Concert!!

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