Thursday, January 31, 2008

Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards News Clip

Here's a clip from TVB E-News on the Astro Awards Ceremony. Charmaine is so cute when she said she stole her mum's make-up and drew her face like the "McDonald Sok Sok"(Ronald McDonald)...haha. Will update on NZX later because pretty busy today hope you guys understand. I'll upload a clip from NZX first and post and update my diary later :)

clip credit to wongfu

Added News Clip!!

clip credit to Bebe from

In the clip above Charmaine is so funny in Bosco's room! And also in the clip when they arrived at the hotel, see Charmaine holding the orange coloured box? That's my present!! Gosh! Whole Chinese community can see my present to Ah Sheh! Hahaha and also the flowers from fanclub too! Sorry to excited....lolz

Added 4th February!!

TVB8 E-News

clip credit to

Charmaine and other artiste arrival at KLIA airport. Fanclub members are featured Myself too but I'll keep my identity

Added 7th January!!

Bye Bye Ah Sheh!

Charmaine leaving the awards venue. Clip credits to dexterreal.

Niu Zhe Xui Spring Concert Sneak Peak!

Here's a sneak peak on the NZX Concert. Those who did not go sure will feel some

In the clip the MC said that her fans waited under the rain refusing to move and then Charmaine gave us a flying kiss! Haha...she's so cute! The MC asked if he could have one and she said "Join my fanclub!" Watch the clip to find out more(I contributed to some of the screamings and shoutings..haha).....

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