Wednesday, December 23, 2009

今日VIP: Joey Yung

Yesterday's episode of TVB's 'VIP Today' featured Joey Yung. At first I just planned to watch it, but after watching it, I decided to share it here and also share my thoughts because there are too many funny moments from the interview. Haha.Watch it on youtube before its being removed (or download it from the link provided below this post)!! Haha.

Part 1

Joey expressed that she is willing and ready to film another TVB series for TVB in the coming year. She wish to film an ancient series(not too heavy like Beyond) but some funny character with a braid or prefarably period drama. She also said that she's interested in 'weird' characters such as acting as a 'zombie'Photobucket. Haha...I personally am looking forward to see Joey act in another drama series but I was hoping a serious character in a period/ancient drama instead. Will surely be a fresh feel and challenge for Joey to act serious.

Besides that, Joey talking about her dance moves with Eason and also how she described Eason as a 'Fat Boy' was really hillarious.

Part 2

Joey hinted that she will be working on a duet with Leo Ku in the near future. And Leo Ku kept on asking her to let him be her MV director...HAHAHA. Joey says that she hopes to work with and also admires Ivana Wong and Khalil Fong. Its funny how Roland said Khalil has to go for an extra ten days as a vegetarian if he were to work with Joey and Joey replied, 'Why? The sin is too big to work with me that he has to be vegetarian? Amitabha.' Photobucket HAHAHA.......

One thing that saddens me is Joey's health condition. Joey said that with her knee problem, she will only think of doing the best and most for her job and make the most money now and already prepared to spend her older days with a wheelchair. I'd rather Joey rest more than see her end her career in a wheelchair. That's really saddening. And she is still wearing high heels and learning dancing. And also she said she fell down from the stairs during a 'quick-change'(changing dresses for performance) which dislocated her bone without her realising until weeks later when she consult a doctor. Now it is really sad to see her wear heels everytime as you can imagine she's smiling on the surface, but inside, she's experiencing pain deep into her bones! I hope Joey will reconsider this!

Almost at the end of the clip, Joey was also very silly as she kept on looking at the monitor (can't be seen by viewers) to see if her sitting position and legs are prettyPhotobucketSuch Silliness...LOL

Part 3

Talking about becoming 30 years old, its funny how Joey is also similar to my life in KL. Hahahaa...and sometimes in Penang too, staying up until 4am in the morning and so afraid that the sun rises so better rush to bed. And the reason for sleeping this late is also similar! Because of the computer and internet. Haha. One thing similar to Joey is also that I rarely like to go out and hangout for no particular reasons and rather stay and feel more comfortable at home!

Joey also say that she doesn't mind any kind of relationship and does not put in anymore conditions for her Mr. Right. Age difference(younger or older) and good looks(which she argues she has never dated a good looking guy before) is not a choice for her to set. Joey's very open about relationship and once, she even said she may get pregnant before marriage too and said its a different century now so people should broaden their minds..HAHA. Joey also feels that people that don't know her will think she's strict and cool. Which Roland denied and which I also believe so. I think Joey is just not comfortable starting the conversation and breaking the ice.

Download in RMVB Format:

Ivy: what I wrote are highlights and what I feel was funny from the interview. Watch it to see Roland and Joey's silliness. Haha. I better go off to bed now! Although I'm not turning 30 next year, but I'm turning 20! Haha...must erm...try to preserve the youthfullness in me....WAKAKA....Goodnight!

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