Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Present From Astro


Received a call this morning from courier service around 9am(which I was barely awake)Photobucket asking if I'm at home today as I have a parcel from Astro.

I was wondering why would I have a parcel from Astro?? Then I recalled earlier this month I received a call from Astro Dynasty Contest. They just asked me for verification and did not say if I won anything. BTW, I just tried my luck on an Astro contest few months ago for the TVB Awards ceremony trip etc etc.

Just received the parcel less than an hour ago. Turns out I won second prize for the contest and it was a Burning Flame III DVD. Not really a big fan of the series (I haven't really watch it yet) but well, its a good addition to my collection and probably when any of the casts comes, I can get some autographs on the DVD! Hehehe...

Thank You to Astro for the 'Christmas' gift(second one this year after another lovely and thoughtful gift from AnnaPhotobucket and next, waiting for probably 'New Year' gift which I present myself, Joey Yung Perfect Ten Live Special Boxset!! HEHEHE...

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Anonymous said...

Good that you have this Christmas gift. I would be perfect if they given you Beyond The Realm of Conscience DVD right. Ha!

Oh,maybe your next wish will come true.