Thursday, December 31, 2009


Ivy: Before I say anything, first of all Happy New Year to everyone!!! Have been busy last few days because my dog dislocated his kneecap...ouch! The vet said he can't do anything and the option available is a surgery which he do not recommend because of my dog's age (8 years). 2nd option is to leave it as it is now and use painkillers and anti inflamation medication. So now he's under medication. Fortunately he could walk after the 2nd day of medication. Vet also said he has to shade some weight off to reduce the stress on his dislocated leg. So that's my dog's new year resolution.

Hahaha...for me, my new year resolution is also to lose some weight!! And also my new year wish is that my study exchange application to be granted^^ Hope all goes well this new year and may your wishes come true too!!! Have a great day tonight and most importantly, may the new year be better and bring more happiness, peace and health!!

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Vanessa said...

Would you like to exchange sites?

Feel free to read my blog and comment on it.Don't mind the spelling mistakes. Thank You!