Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Joey Wears Flat Shoes to Increase Her Luck in Love

Translation credits to Rsung at JoeyGalaxy

Joey wearing flat shoes attracted a few guys towards her, so she immediately said there are many advantages to wearing flat shoes

Joey Yung, Leo Ku, Charlene Choi, Sherman Chung, William Chan, Raymond Lam, Vincy Chan and Nick Cheung attended the ‘7th Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards 2009', and artistes from EEG won 11 awards to become the big winner on the night!

Joey won the award for the ‘Most Searched Hong Kong Female Singer’ and the ‘Top 10 Most Searched Song’, and she wore flat shoes, which was a refreshing change! Even Raymond Lam and Nick Cheung approached her to talk about it and Charlene praised Joey for looking very lovable. This caused Joey to feel excited: "I’ve just realised that high-heel shoes can be a hindrance, so I’ve now found a new direction to go in." She also mentioned that around 99% of her shoes at home are high-heel shoes, but since she is now receiving positive comments about wearing flat shoes, Joey will wear them more often in the future. She also said that wearing flat shoes has many benefits: "I don’t need to use as much strength, it won’t cause any pain and it’s good for my knees. It’s like my knees have disappeared and I now need to see the doctor, take medication and tonics to mend the cartilage." When asked whether wearing flat shoes has helped to attract more men, Joey joked that guys were now rushing to her like they were fired in her direction.

*watch* News Clip of Joey's respond:

Ivy: Joey is super hillarious with her remark in the clip...LOL. And the reporters are smart in their questions too. LOL.. That's what I realise from OnCC reporters. Joey's remark that Raymond Lam is 'gou dai wai mang' (tall, well built and masculine) and Nick Cheung as 'ying chun siu sa' (stylish and manly) really made mePhotobucket

Joey posted that clip up on her Facebook too earlier today and said she likes this type of 'mou liu' news. Hahaha....mou liu in the sense that she made it up herself..LOL. EEG people especially Joey and Charlene love to tease Raymond's killer eyes. LOL. Poor guy. Haha.

On the other hand, its good news that Joey finally decides to stop wearing heels while her cartilage are recovering. Finally she realise the severity of having the possibility of spending the rest of her life on a wheelchair if she continue wearing heels and dancing at the same time. Get well soon Joey!

And look at this picture taken with SS501 and Vincy. Joey really looks shorter than usual..haha. But I feel she looks more younger and girlish too without heels!


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