Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ah Sheh & Ah Yi!!

Beyond the Realm of Conscience casts went out to celebrate again earlier^^ And I love these pictures of Charmaine and Tavia from that night!


Charmaine's expression looks so cute in here..HAHAHA.


They really look like sisters in here...LOL! Both getting the same hairstyle and also I love their dressing. Simple and Nice!! HK getting cold already..all of them are wearing thick clothes. Hehe.

P.S I realise TVB filming modern series in winter and ancient series in Summer again (Beyond & H&E). HAHA. Torturing the artiste!! ^^ not a good time to say this with all the TVB renumeration rumours recently. Haha. Also, last night watching entertainment news on TVB8, Tavia's sister and Paisley was the host. And they were talking about rumours of Tavia not getting along with her sister because her sister was jealous of Tavia's new found popularity. LOL. Juo Na(her sister) denied and said, that's the price to pay for being famous (rumours).

Hope to see Charmaine and Tavia in another series soon~

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