Friday, December 4, 2009

TVB 42nd Anniversary Results and thoughts!


TV King and biggest winner of the night, Wayne Lai shares his happiness with his wife and son. Wayne Lai took away three awards during the TVB 42nd awards presentation becoming the first ever TVB actor to win three awards in a night thus far.

Here are the results for this year's TVB Anniversary:

Lifetime Achievement Award: Tim Gor (Producer of Rosy Business)
Best Drama: Rosy Business
Best Actress: Sheren Tang
Best Actor: Wayne Lai
My Favourite Actress: Tavia Yeung
My Favourite Actor: Wayne Lai
Best Supporting Actress: Susan Tse
Best Supporting Actor: Michael Tse
Most Improved Actress: Aimee Chan
Most Improved Actor: Ngo Ka Nin
Best Host: Eric Tsang, Chin Ka Lok, Wong Cho Lam, Louis Yuen (Super Trio Supreme)
Best Variety series: Club Sparkle
Most Substantial Variety Program: Sat Si Gam Tong Most Popular Artiste: Wayne Lai
Best Overall Performance Award: Tavia Yeung

- Charmaine received three Top 5 Nomination Gold Plate award for My Favourite Actress(x2) and Best Actress.
- Beyond The Realm Of Conscience and You're Hired is in the top 5 for Best Drama Series
- Best Overall Performance Award is selected based on improvement, work effort and working attitude and behaviour.


Best supporting actress Susan Tse posing with her award for her convincing villain character in Rosy Business. Susan Tse shines with 68 million dollars worth of jewellery and reminds us that a touch of elegance is never measured by age

Charmaine Sheh at Red Carpet:


Charmaine Sheh glazed the red carpet this year with a Valentino Black tube dress and 10 million dollars worth of jewellery sponsored by Chow Tai Fook

Tavia Yeung at Red Carpet:


Tavia Yeung walked the red carpet with a low-cut blue coloured dress worth an astounding amount of $69,000. Seems like her favourite blue colour did bring her some lucky returns this year!

Sheren Tang at Red Carpet:


Sheren Tang walked the red carpet this year with a white dress and proved that sexiness is not all about showing enough flesh. White proves to be the lucky colour again this year as Sheren wins the Best Actress Award for her role as the bold and righteous Fourth Mistress in Rosy Business after losing it to Gigi Lai in year 2004

My thoughts: Its towards the end of the year again which means the awards hype comes again. Regardless of TV Awards or Music awards, its time for the report cards again.

The TV report card is out today, 4th December 2009, which is the TVB Anniversary Awards. This year, I personally feel the results are reasonably given and quite satisfying. First of all, a BIG BIG congratulations to Tavia Yeung. Tavia's win for favourite character was quite unexpected for me. Before the awards, my prediction was Best Overall for Tavia and my Favourite actress for Charmaine/Sheren. Tavia grabbed it in the end and she personally didn't expect it too. Charmaine faired nicely too by being in top 5 for both of her characters from You're Hired and Beyond (to her surprise too). As a fan of both of them, I am equally happy for the both of them. Tavia's speech was really memorable to me too as a fan as I'm glad and happy to see Charmaine and Tavia's relationship strengthen after filming Beyond together. Tavia saying that Charmaine promised to give her a kiss if she were to win this award, and seeing Charmaine fulfilling her promise was really a touching moment. To add, I said this last year, similarly this year, Tavia strenghten her stand by repeating again in her speech, "I will not be proud." Once again, after a year has passed, I proved that humility is one of the essence of success.


Charmaine Sheh gives a congratulatory kiss to 'sister' Tavia Yeung fulfilling her promise to do so if she wins the Most Favourite Female Character Award

For Tavia's second award, Best Overall performance, I am happy that she got it. Because it just proves that Tavia is a very hardworking actress, serious in her work and also has a good relationship with all her colleagues as this is what the award is assessed on. I believe that many Charmaine fans may start arguing and complaining about Charmaine not winning and going against Tavia. However, I hope that these fans can think rationally and be matured.

On Charmaine's part, she really did quite well too. Charmaine was in the top 5 for all categories she was nominated in. Furthermore, both of Charmaine's series are in the top 5. This year, TVB gives out Gold Plates for artistes that manage to be in the Top 5 for favourite character and best actor/actress award. Charmaine won 3 plates and Congratulations to her!! Its a really good result for her.

Sheren winning the best actress award, I am really happy for her. I actually thought that she deserved it since War and Beauty. Sheren is a really good actress, and I'm really glad its finally her turn this year. Similar to Wayne Lai, the big winner with three awards. These artistes are really great actors that depend on their acting skills and prefessionalism rather than good looks to gain popularity. I was dissapointed that Sharon didn't win the most improved actress award though. Haihz...Aimee Chan got it. I would not say Aimee didn't act well but she's really new compared to Sharon. Continue your hardwork Sharon!

During the whole award show, there was also one scene which I feel was really hillarious and memorable. Its the part where the video clip of the top 5 best actress was shown. At Tavia's clip, the part in Beyond where Tavia laughed evilly and said, "HAHAHA....dou zui hao, yeng geh dou hai ngo...Yiu Gam Ling...HAHAHAHA". Not only I started laughing, Tavia herself, Charmaine and the rest also laughed at that as it indirectly represented what was happening that night. "The Evil Villain winning it all" (of course, metaphorically).

Finally, one award presentation down and next one if I'm not mistaken is TVB8 Mandarin-On-Demand Music Awards 2009 which will be on December 20th. I guess I better go to sleep for now, as I have to drive down to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow morning!!! Goodnight!! And once again, congratulations to all the winners!!!


SimpleGirl said...

chai gou go and 4th lai lai really deserved it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Extremely disappointed Laughing Gor didn't get fave character when he was at least every bit as popular as Chai Gau and had the further contribution in the form of a #1 ranking at the summer box office. This just ain't right.