Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hong Kong + Mcdonald's McHappy Day Concert 2009!

I'm still busy with some stuff for university so I keep on delaying this post! Well, I finally decided to write it today since I can't continue with university stuff while waiting for reply. Hehehe....

As to those who were wondering if I went to TVB City during my HK trip? Well, I didn't. Because I was arranging to meet Charmaine after the gala at first, but while I was enjoying my shopping at Tsim Sha Tsui...I got a call and seems that Tina informed Faner that Charmaine unfortunately has to film for Heaven and Earth right after the anniversary gala! Which means, our meeting was cancelled. And I was told that Charmaine will have another function for 72 tenants press conference the next day so because of that I didn't go to TVB City that night. But later on, Charmaine was not included in the press conference guest list.....Haihz...which means I didn't have the chance to meet Charmaine at all during my trip!! But then however, no from my last post, I did meet up with Wei Ni(fanclub representative) and passed her the card that I made containing the fan's messages which you all wrote to her. Wei Ni already passed the card to Charmaine on the 23rd function! Thanks a lot Wei Ni!


However, I did met some stars during this trip which is from the McDonald's McHappy Day Concert! This is the first time I watch a concert in HK, and I must admit it is much more fun and worth it to watch a concert in HK than Malaysia! First, tickets are cheap! The most expensive ticket is HKD480 (Approx RM240) I got the HKD180 tickets because the HKD480 tickets were already sold out when I booked online. And when I went into the concert venue, I was surprised with how front our seats were although we paid this price! Hahaha....


Anyway, I did not take any videos because the concert was too enjoyable and I enjoyed it alot that I didn't want to take any videos to distract myself. Besides, we were actually not supposed to video record, which I then realise the authoritie didn't really cared anyway, unlike in Genting. Hahaha.....This is the first time I heard Eason sing live and I am very impressed with his singing and stage performance. Absolutely superb! Eason and Joey also duet a song called "Angel's Gift" and I'm Lovin' their performance!! Hahaha....Joey's harmony for the song was really impressive....although she was sick at that time which I only knew after I got back to Malaysia and saw her Facebook. Typical Joey, hiding any sign of fatique from audience. I would say that Eason and Joey has the most showmanship out of all the other singers from that concert. They were the only singers that made everyone stood up every time they sang. Haha....especially when Eason sang his new mandarin song 'this type of troublesome' and when Joey sang the Mcd commercial song 'two three things I know' (sorry for my laziness to type out the chinese characters of the song title!)

I am dissapointed with Kay's vocals this time. Kay didn't sang smoothly this time where she missed lyrics and also didn't control the stability of her voice nicely. And also she needs to improve her showmanship! Thumbs up to Hins' vocals! His vocals is really good but similar to Kay, needs more showmanship. As to Andy Lau, he is one of the Four Heavenly Kings, so what to expect? Hahaha...but somehow, Eason made the crowd higher than he did with all the crazy jumping and dancing...LOL. Eric Kot and Lam Hoi Fung made a short medley performance which was quite fun! Here's a picture of Andy with his two sons Andox and Box which did a MJ dance sequence that night...hahaha...


Joey sang 4 songs that night including the duet which are 'two three things I know', 'Double Champion' and also 'My pride'. I'm glad she sang 'double champion' as its her latest song and its really nice to be able to listen to it live! Too bad she didn't sing 'very busy' hehehe...Anyway, lovely concert although this is just a small scale concert for charity with about 5000 people capacity. The duet between Joey and Eason was the finale of the concert and we all felt that the concert felt like it ended so fast although in fact we were alrady watching a 2 hour concert because it was really enjoyable. Hahaha.....


Joey and Eason's witty dance moves during the duet

Next time, I would want to watch a concert in the HK Colliseum(Hong Gun) instead! Hehehe...the McDonald's concert was held in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition centre which is that building beside the Golden Bauhinia with the turtle shell shaped roof. I'm sure anyone who goes to HK would have visited that place. Here's a picture of the building:


Hehehe...Anyway, ate a lot during this trip (egg tarts, Polo Pao, Wan Tan Mee, Mango Sago dessert, Smelly Toufu, Curry fishballs, Put Zai Gou, Dim Sum, French Toast, Congee, Beef Noodles, Gai Dan Zai, Portuguese Egg tarts, Pork Chop Bun, roast goose.....) WOW! and we didn't really visited many tourists spots this time because its our second trip. Instead we walked around Hong Kong and also Macau and did more shopping instead...hahaha...And Oh yea, I think my aunt saw Wai Ying Hung at the Mcd concert....she told me and my mum she saw her only later..and I said, Why didn't you told me earlier!!! Hahaha....Instead, I only managed to see the Scoop lady host...I forgot her name..haha. You can always see her interviewing artiste during the Scoop program. She was just right infront of me with a few cameramen. But since I don't know her name, i dare not approach her. LOL..and she seems busy reading through some scripts or perhaps questions to interview artistes....Anyway, I better go to bed now! Its 215am now! Gooooooodnight!!!!!

Added TVB news clip from the concert!

Two clips from Eason And Joey's 16th Nov concert. Joey's remarks in the second clip left the whole group of reporters in stitches and Eason was left awestruck at first...hahaha. He quickly picked up pace though...hehehe...really hillarious! Love both of them! Hope they collaborate again and this time I must watch it! LOLs...

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