Sunday, December 6, 2009

Beyond the Realm of Conscience hypes spreads over to Cantopop singers

Seems like the hype from Beyond the Realm Of Conscience has not ended after the TVB Anniversary awards as scenes from the drama series are popularly familiar and reenacted by members of the music industry during the Top-5 nominee Chik Chak Music Awards 2009 function yesterday.

Here is a news translation on the function:

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Joey Takes Off Clothing & Shoes To Attract Votes


Queen of Cantopop, Joey Yung, wore a ‘Christmas tree’ outfit to attend the top-5 nominee function for the Chik Chak awards, and during the talent contest segment, Joey took off shoes and some of her clothing to give a skipping performance, in a bid to attract votes.

Regarding her best friend, Denise Ho, saying that Joey has a good chance of winning the gold award, Joey joked: “If she doesn’t vote of me who will she vote for? It is due to all the good deeds that I have done over the years. This year is my 10th year in the industry, so if I manage to win it, it will be ‘FE LEE GOO’ (very good)!”

Denise Ho, who is one of the top 5 nominees for the Chik Chak Billboard Award Ceremony ‘My Most Favourite Female Singer’ award, re-enacted a scene from the TVB drama ‘Beyond The Realm of Conscience’ (宮心計) with Miriam Yeung and Joey Yung. During the scene, Denise slapped Miriam and then pinched Joey’s arm, and then she said to them: “Wenches (死妹釘), are you competing with me to win the honours? Let me tell you this; don’t you dare think of competing with me, I will sew your mouths shut!”, which made everyone laugh.

Clip of the scene:

Ivy: Similarly to them, I still have a little of the Beyond fever. Hahaha....I start to play around with ancient cantonese vocabulary very often with my mum and friends..LOL. And yesterday, I told my mum she's Sussana Kwan's character because her surname is Yuen similar to Yuen Chui Wan and I am Charmaine's character because my surname is Lau so I'm Lau Sam Ho....hahahaha...what a coincidence with our surnames. Hehe.

As to which scene Denise reenacted, its the scene where Susanne hit Tavia's mouth and she acted it with Miriam while the one with Joey was the one where Tavia had to have her mouth stitched. Hahaha....Anyway, good luck to Joey. I'm happy as long as she's in top 3. She's already been in top 3 for 8 years so far if I'm not mistaken. Hope this year will be her 9th year!

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