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25th April, Event 3: William Chan & Sherman Chung Music Is Live Concert


Final event to blog about! HAHAHA…..Have to finish up all the blogging because tomorrow onwards, I have to go back to studies!!! Still have around 2 months till semester ends!! Okay, so where am I now? Oh yea, in the LRT station…LOLS. So from there, we took the LRT to KL Sentral. And our plan was to get from KL Sentral change another train to Times Square, get our car and get to KL Life Centre. All that in 30 minutes?? WOW…seems a little impossible..and also considering we do not know where KL Life Centre is!! HAHAHA…So, after talking to my mum on the phone, change of plans, we took a cab from KL Sentral straight to KL Life Centre. And wow, indeed we made it in time. HAHA. Fated, fated. Once we got to KL Life centre, I met with Mr Poh and then that was when I realized the concert was a free standing concert…..!!! I never like free standing concerts!!! And also because I’m carrying my DSLR, so considering there were already many people crowding front area at that time, I won’t be able to get any good shots! So I told Mr Poh I have a camera with me, and Mr Poh was understanding enough to get us media seats! Wow, many thanks to him!!

At first, media seats was at the top level of the venue. However, later on it was changed to front of stage below! So I got a very clear and best view…which made me ended up taking like 500 over pictures??? However, its impossible to post them all up here! LOLS. The concert actually didn’t start until after 830pm. And while waiting, KC, Paul and Hazel went off to get Hung Fook Tong drinks without letting me know…hahaha I didn’t realise they were missing. And they later on came back with I guess half a dozen bottles of Hung Fook Tong American Ginseng drink. Luckily they bought it, because its cold and refreshing…something I need at that time after rushing here and there. LOLS. And it actually taste quite good! A new brand of drink that I can buy in the future. HEHE.

So, concert started off with the two main band members singing two tracks, one of them ‘kwong faai sui yuet’ from Beyond. And they do have strong and nice vocals! Then concert officially starts with William and Sherman appearing singing the karaoke favourite duet ‘my memory is not mine’ originally by Vincy and Ocean. Here’s some pictures of the first appearing costume:


Then after that, William was left on stage to sing a fast track, ‘Taxi’ and also a ballad which if I‘m not mistaken is ‘Finally admit wrong today‘ . And fans started screaming when William did his ’Taxi’ dance…LOLS. While me, took pictures to my heart’s desire. HAHAHA…He even did the moonwalk!! His dance was indeed very energetic and entertaining! Here’s a clip KC took of Taxi and the dance plus more pictures I got~ HEHE

Love this picture…he looks so immersed and enjoying the music. HAHA


Then, it was Sherman’s turn. She appeared with a new blue blouse and stripped leggings and sang a fast track, ‘Let’s Pop’ and the audience cheered and screamed as she appeared. And thanks to KC too for taking down a video. Save me the effort to elaborate. HAHA. After she finished that, she said, “William sang a fast song, how could she not sing one too!?” and the audience cheered. LOLS. She then sang another song, which was very familiar to me…LOL…Joey’s ‘心花怒放!! KC took a video of it too! HAHAHA…and I heard her say ‘Cho Yee’ at the beginning of the clip. LOL. And if you noticed, Sherman actually went over to my side and posed for me to get pictures of her while she was dancing. HAHA. I’m actually wearing pink and walking around with the camera if you could spot me in the clips. LOLS. Very nice of her^^ And that’s how I got so many close up shots of her with the blue dress…Back to the song, I’m probably too used to listening Joey singing 心花怒放, so I tend to compare..LOLS. Sherman could sing the vocal well, however, still lacks the feel that Joey could bring out when she sings this song. Its not easy to be able to bring out the feel of the song. Singing vocally is one thing, but being able to carry the song and mean what you sing is another matter. After two fast tracks, Sherman then sang another song of hers which I love very much, which is a ballad titled 野百合.

Let's Pop

Sherman's version of 心花怒放

Nice pictures thanks to her posing:

Then William came out again with a new costume…hehehe… I love how the concert is simple and yet very entertaining. He sang his new song ‘dai hap kuk’ (Grand Canyon) and followed by another dancing song ‘Do You Wanna Dance’. After singing his songs, he said he’ll be singing Monica by Leslie Cheung to the delight of my mum and cheers from the audience. And he sang it really well, I shall say. HAHA.

Love this shot of William dancing with the dancer

William making cute faces while introducing the keyboard player

More Pictures:


Then Sherman reappeared with another blue dress and red boots. And more duets from them! They sang ‘yat si mou sing’ originally by Stephanie and Pakho, which I feel was a very good rendition from them. If only I had the video! HAHA…however, look at these shots from them while singing the song. They handled the song well and Hazel and KC enjoyed it a lot (I know)…hahaha. After that, they sang a mandarin number, ’xiao jiu wo’ originally by JJ Lin and Charlene Choi. In my opinion, Sherman sang Charlene’s part better than William with JJ’s part. Its just not William’s type of song. HAHA.

Singing ‘Yat Si Mou Sing’ various cute expressions:


I like this shot!

Some single shots that I like:


Then after that, William left the stage to Sherman. Sherman then said she’ll be singing a song that people first recognized her from. At that time, she said people only know her song and referred to her as ‘that tanned skin singer who sang the song ‘hou hou yung pou’(hug well). Then the audience cheered and she sang the song. After that, Sherman sang ‘八十之後’(After eighty), a song I’m starting to like now! Love the melody and meaning of the song. KC took a video of it~

Pictures I took of her singing the song:


Then William’s turn again! Again, new costume!! Black jacket and white shirt inside…look so ‘yeng’…hahaha. He said at first, he was thinking whether to wear this jacket or not? LOLS…He then sang an Aaron Kwok song which I forgot what was the title. it’s a very famous Aaron fast track….and after that, he sang ‘战士’ and I love this dance!! When William pulled up his shirt, revealing his packs and chest area, the audience(especially the girls) screamed out loud…hahaha….I love these pictures taken from the dance…they all look so cool and stylish!

So cool & stylish thanks to the smoke!! I guess all the girls there would be drooling…hahaha…probably Hazel Mui did…LOLS

Love All These!!! Love the concert effect!

Then its Sherman’s turn again as William left!! And we saw the concert crew carrying in a keyboard and that’s when the audience starts cheering~ WOW, Sherman hasn’t even appeared and they knew its time for ‘A letter to myself’ already…HAHAHA. Then Sherman appeared and get ready with the keyboard. However, there seems to be a problem with the mic stand. The stand was not tight, thus the microphone kept sliding down. She then very cutely asked if anyone could help her with it? However no one did came at first, so she managed to set it up to her mouth level herself. Before she started the song, she said she’ll be very sad if the audience didn’t know the song. HAHA…so she started and once she started her first key, the audience started cheering out loud already. Here’s a video KC took of it. And observe how Sherman handled the situation with the mic problem. She handled it really well and instead of making the whole situation awkward, she managed to make the situation funny and cute instead. HAHA. Good work there, Sherman! And remember I said about singing is not only vocals but also carrying it and meaning what you sing? Well, in ‘A letter to myself’, Sherman had the complete whole. There is no need for many words to describe it, by just observing how the audience naturally cheered and clapped in synchrony to the song already proves what I mean by it. it’s a natural reaction from the audience if a singer could carry all three elements together into his/her singing. Thus, its not necessarily a fast song which could arouse the audience, even a ballad like this could give out that effect too. Sherman received the loudest applause and cheers that night for ‘a letter to myself’.



Then after that, Welcoming William again!!! HEHEHE..he took off his jacket now and they both thanked the audience and organisers before singing ‘sei xing bat goi’ originally by Boyz and Twins. Then, they ended the concert with another Joey song ‘yuet cheong yuet keung’…Joey did mentioned its William’s favourite song of hers. HAHAHA….They also came down to shake hands with the audience. LOLS. That’s when I managed to get these two shots below. HAHA…

William and Sherman shaking hands with the audience below. (Hazel/Paul can you all spot yourselves?)

More pictures from ‘Sei Xing Bat Goi’:


Pictures of end of concert with confettis and a bye from them (Love the pictures):


There wasn’t any encore though, although the audience did shout for one. HAHA. So after that me, KC, Hazel and Paul together with my mum, we were planning to get a taxi back to Times Square already. However, we sort of wanted to wait and see if Sherman and William will come out so we could sort of take pictures and express our support to them. We said we were gangs of fans one from Singapore, one from Guangzhou and two from Penang!! HAAHHA…However, I think we waited at the wrong exit..and didn’t manage to meet them. Too bad~ However, we did manage to take a picture with the band members. They really have good voice and potential. All the best to them!

As to Sherman and William, I personally too think they have a bright future in the industry. Sherman surprised me with her live vocals and very pleasant personality and showmanship, while William has the attractive dancing skills and good charming looks..HAHA. He just needs to improve on stronger vocals and he’ll do fine. All the best to the two of them and looking forward to seeing them more in Malaysia!! Next thing I have to do now is to get Sherman’s album…(which I already asked Hazel mui to help me get one from Hong Kong)LOLS! Hazel Mui, remember ya!!!

Concert Presented by Hung Fook Tong
Venue: KL Life Centre

To view all the above pictures and many more other pictures from the concert, click this link to view the full album:

Password: scooby

So that’s the end of my fully packed and eventful 2 day weekend!!! HAHAHA…Looking back, its amazing how we managed to cramp so many events into 2 days! wonder I still felt sleepy 2 weeks after the event! HAHAHA. Thanks to all my readers reading through all the posts!!! Well, that’s the end of all the events~ Look forward for more to come in the future!! HEHEHE…..


nikikaka said...

Oh don't you have a video of Never Change (Boyz) that William + Sherman sang? But thanks for sharing ur trip.. :)

Ivy said...

I wished I had the video! And also Yat Si Mou Sing...both the duets were lovely. You're welcome Niki. Thanks for reading!

nikikaka said...

Hahaha I found it on Youtube! It was really short though, but it was better than nothing :) It's okay haha.