Wednesday, May 5, 2010

25th April, Event 2: Charmaine KLIA Send Off

So, rushing rushing from Times Square to KLIA!! And we were all cramped into Jo Pao’s car….wow…Estima fitting I think 11 of us? LOLS….what an achievement! However, thanks to Jo Pao for driving us to KLIA!! Big gratitude! When we arrived at KLIA we were actually too early, instead of afraid of being late. We actually waited at KLIA for almost an hour before Charmaine came. So late to the extend that I was going to ask the check-in counter lady if Charmaine already checked in? HAHA…when I was about to do that, Charmaine then arrived. HEHE.

Charmaine was talking on the phone when she entered. After that she walked over with Tina and Tina said they’ll go check in first. So we just followed her and then Hazel asked me to take pictures while walking, however I feel its so awkward to do so, before someone pushed me forward, I think its Hazel or KC!! And Charmaine looked at me with a weird look, like, “what are you doing?” kinda look…LOLS. Haha, don’t worry I’m not a crazy fan..LOLS..So they went to check in and suddenly Jo Pao’s brother handed Charmaine some gifts. And Charmaine accepted it and thanked his little brother. Its packs of Bak Kut Teh. Haha. So we just stood there and waited for them to check in. I didn’t take any pictures here because she’s facing the check in counter, so there’s nothing much to take anyway. Actually, I didn’t take any other pictures in KLIA!! LOLS…because the only picture I took was of all the fans with her!! And I’m not going to disclose any pictures of them here in my blog. LOLS. Well, I saw KC took some pictures using my camera, so I could just show you all some pictures from there…HAHA. However the pics are blurry…bad photographer lar u KC!!

So after check in, Charmaine walked to an area and was looking for a spot to take pictures. She finally found a place with chairs and then sat there to take pictures. I used my camera to take pics for all the fans, and it was kinda dark at that area and Charmaine asked me, “Its so dark here, can the pictures turn out good?”. Well I tried a shot, and it is indeed dark. So I had to use choice la…better then asking her to go stand at another place. LOLS. So after taking photos with her then its signing autograph time. And Tina came and said only one autograph per person…….swt….Okay, so I got her to sign a picture and also others all got her to sign their stuff too. After that, I saw I had one of those Astro On Demand books with all the artiste’s faces on I handed it to her to let her sign too. And she signed it and was giggling…..I wonder why….Then Tina was wondering too so she sort of asked her why? And she whispered something to Tina..however I could not hear what it I got no idea.

Then after all the signing, Charmaine then took out her Iphone and took a picture of the Sam Hou cake…which is the one she later posted at her Weibo. Then she started getting ready to leave and said thanks to us then all fans were following her to the security check area. Which I was not too enthusiastic about after so many events chasing already..hahaha. They wished her ’yat lou shun fung’ and she said bye to all of us and went down the escalator to the security check in area. So, bye bye Charmaine!!!

And phew~ all Charmaine’s events done!! What a relieve. LOLS. We then had a group photo of fans and after all that, it was around 545pm after Charmaine left, so we ended up sitting at KFC for dinner and also to eat the cake. The time there was fun though, and I enjoyed spending time with all the fans, chatting nonsense. HAHA. I had to rush for Sherman and William’s concert after that, and we only left at around 630pm from KLIA to an LRT station nearby Jo Pao’s house and we reached the LRT station at around 730pm..concert starts at 8!!! Thus, this starts another super super rush journey to a William and Sherman event…I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to reach there in time, and also my mum’s already waiting for me there at the KL Life Centre, however, fate again? HAHAHAHA…Stay tuned for the final event post!! Sherman and William, Music is Live concert!!!

Oh yea, and on a side note, last night, well should be this morning, I was sharing my blog post at Sherman Forum…so I created a thread at the fan videos page to share some videos I took from the concert and also my blog post at Kajang event. So after I’m done with the posting and went back to the forum home page, I scrolled down to see who was online in the forum. And to my surprise I saw Sherman herself was there…HAHAHA. So I mouse over her name and WOW, she’s at the thread I just posted in! HAHAHA…I screen capped it…LOLS:


I suspect she read it considering there was only 2 new post and both were on the Malaysia concert. I posted my blog link on the post there, and after that I saw that my blog had 3 online readers…….LOLS…what are the odds that its her reading?? LOLS, well yes or no, it’s a good thing for her to at least know that she has fans from Malaysia! Hope she comes more to Malaysia!

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