Tuesday, May 4, 2010

25th April, Event 1: Charmaine Sheh Skinz Infinite Meet & Greet at Berjaya Times Square


After just a few hours of sleep…another busy morning. HAHA. First, went to pick up the cake we made for Charmaine from the cake house. I asked Sehseh to help me gather fans at Times Square at 1230pm because I wouldn’t be reaching too early. I’m afraid collecting the cake too early, by the time its around 230pm, the icing would have all melted. HAHA. So I collected the cake at around 11am. And I took the cake home…that was when Hazel noticed something wrong with the cake!! HAHAHAHA. As the cake is of a Chibi image of Lau Sam Hou, there was a mistake in the wordings Lau Sam Hou!! HAHAHA. The ‘sam’ was written as ‘heart’ instead of ‘three’!!! I didn’t realise the mistake at all if not for Hazel pointing it out!! HAAHA…well, eventually, we took the cake back to the cake house to get it altered. Luckily we still had time and also the alteration was just a small one.

After done with cake, off we went to Berjaya Times Square. And during the trip, just because I was a little late, phone calls and SMS kept bugging me non-stop from fans asking me where to meet and where I was….LOL. And because I was driving, it was so hard for me to answer any calls, thus my mum had to help me reply all the calls. LOLS. And furthermore, I got a little lost in KL…luckily not a major lost..just extra of a few turnings. HEHE.

Once we got to Times Square event area, everything seems so messy. LOLS. I first went to look for Chris from Unza (Skinz) to hand the cake to them. Then, she gave us stickers to allow us to enter the event area, she seems so busy....well, of course she is. HAHA. I then met up with Sehseh and the other fans who were there already and got them the fan club banners. After that, me and Hazel stayed at the backstage area to take care of the cake and also to take photos. Charmaine didn’t arrive until around 215pm, thus we had around 30 minutes of backstage fun with a few of the event crew. LOLS. There’s one who has the same surname as me which is ‘Lau', yes similar to Sam Hou. HEHE…and they were all really friendly people. Which is one of the thing that I’m happy with for these round of events…the organisers. Both, from Unza and Jazzygroup, they were all really helpful and friendly.

Sheh fans with their ‘ShehSheh’ banners. Can you guys spot yourselves? Hehe

After playing lots of crazy things such as faking interview with the cameraman and talking silly stuff, such as discussing Hazel’s resemblance to Wang Lee Hom….kekeke…Charmaine finally arrive. So standby, camera! HAHAHA…Charmaine wore a black dress to the event that day. So once she got up stage, me and Hazel mui went over to the front of stage to take photos. HEHE. I was too busy taking pictures which I did not 100% caught what Charmaine said at the event…hahaha. I think I heard she said she’ll be acting with Raymond soon as a mentally challenged girl, having 8 years old mentality? And something about Moses too…LOLS. And she also said that she asked for like 20 boxes of Skinz products and she’s going to share them all with her friends back in Hong Kong…LOLS. Then after that, Charmaine signed the big backdrop board and was presented with the new brand poster and a flower basket by the MD of Unza Malaysia. Then, it was group photo time with all the crew management people and VIP guests. Here’s some pictures to share!!


After all the photo taking, the autograph session started, which is when me and Hazel mui had to go backstage to prepare the cake. HAHA. After placing a candle onto the cake, that was when I realise, hey, we haven’t taken a picture of the cake!! HAHAHA. So here’s a picture of the cake!


At backstage, again we were playing around with the crew that we almost forgot to hear the prompt from the MC. LOLS. Luckily, we did pay attention and heard the prompt from the MC when he said something like, “Malaysia fans has something prepared for you….”. So me and Hazel mui carried the cake upstage and when Charmaine saw the cake, she was really happy with it! HEHE. Other fans then managed to got up stage, to my relieve, because at first, I couldn’t locate them before I took the cake up! HAHAHA. I was wondering where were they! And oh ya, before that I managed to meet Wai Wai again too at the event, and she helped us to take pictures from below stage. I haven’t receive any pictures yet though….ahem..haha.

So back upstage, the MC asked Charmaine if its her first cake that she received this trip? And she said, “No, there’s one yesterday too, however this one is different, because this cake has ‘me’ on it”. LOLS. Then after that she took up the cake for the press to take pictures of it and that’s when the MC asked us to help her hold the heavy cake….LOLS. He said, “how could you let your idol carry such a heavy cake all by herself?” LOLS…so a few of us help supported the cake. And Charmaine held the cake so high up until it seems to be almost 90 degreees!! I was so afraid the whole cake would just slip off from its tray!!! HAHHAHAA….Luckily, it didn’t happen. And the cream of the cake even caught on Charmaine’s hand and she practically licked it off right on the spot!! LOLS…After that, Charmaine then made a wish and blew the candle.

Then, Charmaine told me she wants to take a picture. So I said okay, and she held the cake up and posed for me to take a picture of her. After taking one, I showed her on the LED screen, and asked if its okay? Then she said, “Take another shot.” So that’s how there’s two shots of it. HAHA. After taking the second shot, she looked at it then after that again the press wants to take picture of the cake so she then posed for the press with the cake. HAHA. Then, she cut the cake, and before cutting, she was thinking where should she cut it…she didn’t want to destroy the Sam Hou picture so she cut the side which was plain. HAHAHA…if you look at the picture Charmaine later posted at her weibo (yes Charmaine has a weibo account now, and her first weibo is of the cake), you can spot the cut mark, although she tried to avoid including it. HAHA.

Charmaine posing at my camera with the Chibi 'Lau Sam Hou' cake. Thanks to Chibi Jennifer for the Sam Hou design!

So after that, we all went back down stage and started to get ready to leave for KLIA. And then Tina came over to me and thanked me for the cake...(to my surprise...hahahaha) However, there was a sense of satisfaction from me after hearing that..(satisfaction, not happiness..ahem..to those fans close enough to me will know what I mean) After collecting back the cake, we wanted to go off but we ended up being further bugged by reporters for more pictures of the cake. HAHA. And then also, I heard of Sehseh losing her phone and camera! Ouch….her mood must have been ruined!! Pickpockets, haihz…….Reminder to everyone attending for any events in the future, carry a bag with many layers of zip!!! So after that, we rushed to the next venue, KLIA to send off Charmaine!! Phew, so rushed eh? HAHA…Stay tuned for next post!!

Event Presented by Unza Malaysia
Organiser: JazzyGroup
Venue: Berjaya Times Square

Oh, and before I end this post, I'd like to express a big gratitude to the list of people below:

1)to all the fans from this event for cooperating and willing to share out the cake too, so as to make the idea even possible^^
2) Thanks to all the crews from Unza Malaysia and Jazzygroup, especially Chris and Joanne for being nice and willing to cooperate with us^^
3)thank you to Chibi Jennifer for the great job designing the Chibi version of Sam Hou
4) Thanks to Mr. Jeevan Adhikari from King's Confectionary, Taipan USJ for willing to do the icing on the cake. Its actually a very difficult task and other cake house refused to get it done but Mr. Jeevan took up the challenge~I showed him the newspaper article on Sinchew which featured the cake 2 days ago, and he was so delighted^^ Hope it made his day! HEHE, and he's Nepalist ( he stressed on this, so I better mention it)

P.S Fanclub members, all the photos above I will send to you all too without the watermark^^


sehseh said...

Huhuhu (sobs) TT-TT

But we are happy knowing Charmaine likes the cake - and have the honor being her first weibo pic! Hahaha

chibi said...

Thanks for the pictures and sharing a recap the event :D Sounds like a success!

Great effort :)

Ivy said...

Sehseh, hv to start getting over it..LOL..No problem Chibi, thanks to you too!

Rachel said...

Yes! We were happy that Charmaine LOVES the cake. Before this, Ivy & me went to few bakery and the moment they saw the cartoon they say "Sorry this is too hard to do? Why is that so (as I was thinking) coz Sam Hou’s costume and the head gear frighten them. lol Well, maybe. :p

Finally, we entered this bakery and ask the cake master. He was amazed with the drawing thus telling Ivy and me that he will take the order. We even discuss with him on how to balance the costume colour and what colour he could used. It was interesting.

Ivy and me have been having sleepless nite on wheather the cake will turn out well or not. Right, Ivy? ;)

Finally the day has arrived. The cake was presented to Charmaine. It took my by surprise with the outcome of the cake. It was well done.

Kudos, to fans willing to share the cost of the cake. We ROCK!!!!!

P/S: This post is slighty different from Chibi's blog coz I played around with the sentences. lol