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24th April, Event 3: Amit First Live Concert in Malaysia

Beautiful Dome-shaped LED stage


Amit Concert was one that I was looking forward to since months ago!! For this post, there will be no clips and images because my attempt in taking pictures failed when the security guys stopped me from doing so…..Haihz…typical of concerts. I’ll just post few images I found on the internet. There’s very little of them to, because they all probably got caught too!

Okay, after Kajang (I actually went to buy satay too) I went back to my house and then left after dinner at around 715pm to Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil. I managed to reach at around 755pm LOLS and met with Wai Wai and Aiko at the entrance (they went to watch the concert too). When me and my mum entered the venue, the concert already started!!!! Actually we could have gone in earlier, however we were hunting for washroom that’s why we ended up late. LOLS. Amit started the concert by singing the self titled song ‘Amit’ not to my surprise as that was what I predicted. Amit’s vocals really is flawless. Her voice is powerful, clear and strong! Her first costume reminded me of those characters of the ‘Vierra’ in Final Fantasy XII, for those who plays the game should have an idea what I mean. HAHA. Except, its Vierra with wings because Amit attached two maybe 2 metres high white wings on her back…HAHA.

After that, she sang some songs which was unfamiliar to me……mostly rock songs……its surprising as at the beginning of the concert, it was already so fast and rock-ish! And the audience were screaming like crazy…the rock songs went on and well, I do not know most of the songs though, because I actually enjoy Amit(A-mei’s) ballads better. After like 15 minutes of unkown songs…hahaha…she finally sang ‘Split Life’(fen sheng) which I love very much from her Amit album.

After that, more rock songs…it seems like the rock songs are never ending. And if its rock and I’m familiar with the songs, then it wouldn’t be that bad, however rock, loud and unfamiliarity made me enjoy the concert less. Not to mention the loud screaming from the audience and there was one who screamed his lungs out that my mum had to practically clasp her hand over her ears whenever he screams!!

Amit singing Nessum Dorma from Pucini's opera, Turandot

Things got better though, when Amit sang the song Nessum Dorma from Puccini’s opera, Turandot. Her powerful vocals are impressive here and she proved her versatility by being able to manage a soprano piece. After through so many tracks of songs, it bothered me that she didn’t change to a new constume, to the point I asked my mum, ‘why is she not changing still?’. There were many occasions where the light dimmed and I thought she was going to change costumes, however when the lights went back on, she just appeared the same and sang more rock songs. She finally did change though, and she came out and interacted wirh audience. The audience were so loud that night that she asked them if they ate Herbal/Chicken Soup/Bak Kut Teh before they came, that’s why they could scream so loud? HAHA. During this session, she implied that she will be singing her ‘si jie’(A-mei’s) songs because there isn’t enough Amit songs to finish a concert. So she sang ‘wo ke yi bao ni ma’ (one of my favourite song!) and to my anticipation! However, the audience sang along so loudly that Amit got so touched that she just left the audience singing through almost the whole song! Well, one, its nice to see the audience singing along, but it’s a pity that I couldn’t hear one of my favourite song sang completely by her!! She then took requests from audience and sang other ‘excerpts’ of A-mei’s song such as ‘Ting Hai’, ‘Ji De’ and ‘Zian Ai’…all the songs I love from her, however she only sang it acoustically without music accompaniment and also only the chorus, to my dismay!! From my memory, the only ballad A-Mei song she sang completely was ‘ku bu chu lai’.

After that, she went back into fast mode and sang rock styles of her fast (A-mei) tracks such as ’wei duo li ya de mi mi’, ‘yong yuan de kuai le’ and Bad Boy. I didn’t really like the rearrangements into rock though. And at this stage, its annoyingly a pain to my ears because I’m not used to super loud (and I mean really really loud) music. The loudness of the music thumps your heart and blurs your ears!! And the screaming audience were not helping at all! There were actually no more other slow songs/ballads after this session!! How disappointing!! The only songs that I know after this was ’diao le’, ’chai hong’ and ’kai men jian shan’ all from the Amit album. She ended the concert with ‘san tian san ye’ if I’m not mistaken. HAHA.

There’s nothing much left for me to say, seriously. I could not consider myself as enjoying her concert, considering I do not like the Rock genre!!! However, I do enjoy her vocals and that’s the only thing. The choreography, rundown and arrangement of songs for the concert was not up to my expectation at all. The singer I like is A-mei and not Amit. That’s a simple word for me to describe the reason to my feelings. Meeting Wai Wai the next day, she had the exact same thought too. I wonder how many of the audience would have felt so if both of us had similar thoughts? Thus, conclusion, if Amit were to come for another concert, would I attend? Answer, BIG NO. However, if A-mei were to come for another concert, would I attend? DEFINITELY! I'm already starting to miss A-mei.......I should have gone to the concert last year when she was still A-mei...

Concert Presenter: Star Plenet
Venue: Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil

Pictures coutesy of Malay Mail News Site

Finally, that’s the end of events on the 24th April 2010. HAHAHA. What a tiring day!! However, when you're on the move, you can't really feel the exhaustion. I only felt it after everything ended where I felt sleepy for the whole week! For the next day, I have another three more event!! And the next one up is Charmaine Sheh Skinz infinite Meet & Greet Event at Berjaya Times Square~ Stay Tuned!!

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