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24th April, Event 2: Sherman Chung & William Chan album promo at MetroPoint, Kajang


Alright I’m back! Hahaha…Similar in this post, click images to enlarge. Okay, so driving to Kajang~ I’m actually not very sure of the way to go to MetroPoint in Kajang!! However, I did looked at the google map a day before. LOLS. So we left KLIA and I drove along highway while my mum expressed her dissatisfaction……LOLS

Then, under stress driving and also a little lost in highway…I suddenly heard a loud sound from the back of my car!!!! So I pulled over beside the highway and OMG~ If things were not already bad….flat tyre…….However, I consider myself really lucky that I have people with me and also fortunately it happened just right beside a rest area!!! Although I already overshot the rest area, however, I still managed to reverse back into the rest area from the exit…if you know what I mean?? LOLS…Then under the scorching sun, we have to go fix tyre…luckily my mum managed to ask help from a guy there and he helped us out in changing the tyre.

After all that done, I actually just planned to forget about Sherman & William…LOLS. Because I was thinking nah, won’t be able to make it in time anyway since its already around 3pm. So my plan was just to go Kajang and get satay to eat and probably look for a car workshop….LOLS. So after tyre fixing done, I drove on and hmm…suddenly the signboard wrote Kajang…ooh so I’m not lost anymore now…hahaha.

So I drove and actually I didn’t know which Kajang exit I should take….so I just simply exit into one of the Kajang exit at the highway. I’m actually not familiar with Kajang’s road at all!! Because this should only be my 3rd time driving in Kajang and the other two times was only going to the same place to get satay. MetroPoint Kajang, I have no idea where that place is. So once in Kajang town, I just randomly drove around…and then this is when fate starts taking its place…LOLS.

I took random junctions and miraculously I ended up in front of MetroPoint Kajang……..Hahahah…I didn’t know how did that happen! And even more scary…I looked into the clock on my car desktop….3:30pm sharp!!! There was a jam around MetroPoint area and again, fated, I found a parking space because another car just left…..HAHAHA. So after parking we went into the shopping centre….and again fated (this is starting to get scary)………once I stepped into the event area, I heard the MC(Myfm DJ Nicholas) announcing, “Fun Ying Loi Ji Hong Kong ge, Chung Shu Man!!!” (Welcoming, all the way from Hong Kong, Sherman Chung!)…….And then Sherman came out and said hello to the audience and sang ‘Letter to myself’ (one of my favourite song)…Okay, how scary was that? HAHAHA….And we were just standing right in the front because it wasn’t too crowded and most audience got to sit. I guess I was mistaken as media in this event..LOLS. Okay, before continuing, some pictures of Sherman which I love…I like the ‘feel’ of these shots…
Caption 1: Sherman looking 'cool'...haha. Love the feel of this~
Caption 2: Making cute faces at a little girl infront watching her sing~
Caption 3: Very involved in singing

More pictures:

And also videos!!! Thanks to KC for helping to take them down~

Singing 'A letter to myself and After 80' ( I can't type chinese with my mum's netbook. So I have to do English translations for everything!)

Oh gosh, now I love her new song ‘after eighty’ very much..LOLS

Talking about Joey!!

Humble of her..hahaha…never thought of one day becoming like Joey^^

Sherman’s live singing was much better than what I expected. Because from previous watching her sing in JSG Awards and stuff, she doesn’t sing very well…So before this event, I have very little expectation from her live singing. However, she surprised me by showcasing her strong and powerful vocals! Furthermore, the Sherman I expected to meet was to be tall and selling a little sex appeal (thanks to EEG shaping her that way). However, again she surprised me by being very petite (I found out she‘s only same height as me! Hahaha…that‘s like 164cm..I‘m short!), sweet and actually a little conservative. For beauty, I would not say she’s super pretty, however she has a very natural and pleasant personality that makes her very likeable. I guess that’s what Mani means by “gun jong yuen” (fate with audience). And I love her tan skin!! LOLS….I wonder why people criticizes her for being dark last time! I love her skin colour! LOLS~ The short hair also makes her look very cute! I’m happy with her new image here, glad EEG lifted the stereotype placed on her to be a dancing singer!

Alright, after all that, William came up stage! HAHA…..and all the girls beside me went crazy started shouting, ‘hou leng zai arr!!!aaahhhh!! (very handsome). Oh my gosh………..LOLS. The category of fans that I do not fancy..LOLS. William then greeted the fans in Malay hehe. He said, ’apa khabar, nama saya Chan Wai Ting’ (with much effort). Here’s a video of it!

Then, they started the game session. Nicholas announced that it’s a dancing game…that is when all fans shunned from putting up their hands to play! LOLS…which ended up needing the two of them to go down stage to grab people up! Pictures~

Spot Sherman grabbing the girl by the hand..LOLS..and the girl was later spotted taking pics with William on stage instead of Sherman~Sad….Don’t worry Sherman, here got fans supporting you….WAKAKA

The game was actually not easy…considering myself, I would probably look like a hypo dancing on stage ~ hahaha~ but then well, they wouldn’t care if you could dance or not..LOLS. Girls dance with William while guys dance with Sherman. I’m impressed with the girls who managed to dance William’s moves quite well! Picture~ Picture~ William’s shot dancing here looks really cute..hehe


Then Sherman’s turn. She did a kind of slight pole dancing style of dancing. LOLS. Imagine the guys trying to do that! HAHAHA…and notice the guy beside her in the picture below..While Sherman was demonstrating her dance moves (she repeated it around 3 times)…when she reached a particular step, her sharp high heeled boots would always almost rest on top of the guy’s feet!! She didn’t realise because she was not facing the poor guy… LOLS..and the guy kept avoiding her boots until the third time, Sherman then realized and apologized to him! HAHAHA….I think the audience laughed seeing the guy avoiding which made Sherman realized and told the guy, “Aiya, sorry! Ngoh ge gou zhang hai em hai chai dou nei ge keuk ah?” And the guy shyly nodded…LOLS. Cute scene. Which KC did not record!!!! Because she pressed the wrong button!! HAHAHA. Pictures then~


Okay, after that Sherman left the stage and William sang! And this is the part which made me ‘kek sei’ after I went home to view the videos!! William sang ‘Do You Wanna Dance’ and ‘Dai Hap Kuk’ both his new songs. Love his dancing!!! And in the video (during the part William went down to shake hands), I spotted Sherman among the audience sitting down watching William sing!! OMG, I was focusing on taking pictures of William that I didn’t realise Sherman was just beside!! It didn’t cross my mind that Sherman would do anything like that too, because usually artiste would just hide in their tents. Haihz…I should have just walked over to get a picture with her. I only saw her sitting at the audience area after William’s singing and I did went over to try to get a picture, however too many fans were crowding around her already which made the organiser chased her back into the tent…too bad….Here’s William’s singing part and the Sherman-spotted part. LOLS. And some pictures after that. There’s one of William waving into my camera!!! *heart beat raised a million times while taking that shot, couldn’t press the shutter steadily!!*…….HAHAHA…okay, I know, so dramatic….LOLS….

Ahhh!! Hou leng zai ah!!!...swt..LOLS


After that, autograph session time~ Oh, and this is the part where Mr. Poh come into the picture. I have to thank Mr. Poh for all the Sherman and William function. He is the organiser for their tour, (Hung Fook Tong health drinks). And he’s really nice to offer me tickets to their concert tomorrow evening so that I could blog about it for you all~ HEHE. I went over to Hung Fook Tong booth and managed to meet Mr. Poh and got the concert tickets. His workers were also really nice people and I chatted with them a little. After that, I saw Sherman’s album on sale. I wanted to buy one, but then for stupid reasons at the moment, I didn’t get one!! Oh no, I regret now!!! And William’s too (I'll go get them anyway~HEHE)! I’m not sure if its Malaysian version or HK version, but my friend from HK, did asked me to help her get one if its Malaysian version. However, I did get autographs from them because they sign posters too. I got William to sign his old album I had, the ‘Warrior’ album. And when William saw it, his reaction was, “Eeehhh??” …hahaha. I didn’t really stayed much with William because then I went over to Sherman…HAHA…what a bad fan (don't get me wrong, I do fancy him too~)…I shook hands with Sherman and told Sherman I love her song ’A letter to myself’ and she gave a sweet smile and thanked me^^ Then I told her, can you look into the camera lens? She nodded and yeah! Here’s the picture~ So nice smile^^ Her eyes was so blue…she wore blue contact lens that day…I think she carries many colored con with her..since concert time hers was gray..however, I’ll leave concert post to a later time…kekkeke…

Love this~ sweet

William sign~sign~ HEHE

Then they took pics with organisers and yeah~ another event for the day ended!!!


Event presented by: Hung Fook Tong
Venue: Metro Point, Kajang

If you think that’s the end of the event day?? Oh no nono….my schedule is left with another event, Amit Concert coming up next~ HAHAHAA~ Time check, it is around 5pm already after this event! Concert starts at 8pm!! HAHA, Stay tuned !!


Rachel said...

Thanks for the long post. Enjoyed reading. You're lucky the tyre punctured near the rest house. Glad to know that you exited at Kajang and not the one before which is Bangi.

Has been almost 17 years since I left my hometown Kajang after my grand parents passed away. Wonder how it looks like now?

nikikaka said...

Thank you haha...i loved reading what you wrote. Imagine that was really Sherman that was on your blog here..William sounds very cute haha, I like his new song, 'Grand Canyon'.

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