Saturday, May 1, 2010

24th April Event 1: Charmaine KLIA Pick-up


Alright, finally time to update on these events after being sleep deprived for the past month!!! Assignments finally done, well actually there’s another one, but not due until end of May. Hehe….

So now, blogging about events time! Hehehe…one of the favourites of my readers I guess..LOLS. So day 1, 24th April 2010, 1300 hours, Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Arrival Hall….haha I make it sound so military based….

Alright, Charmaine’s flight was scheduled to arrive at 1255hours……however it will still take time for her to get her luggage etc right? So we were waiting at the arrival hall and while there, I saw a lady looking very well groomed etc and considering my mum is there (she can talk to anyone of any age!)……so they chatted and found out that she’s here to pick Charmaine too. She’s the event organiser for this trip from Jazzygroup. So we ended up joining in the chat with her and she’s really a friendly and nice person. She asked us for suggestions on who to bring for concert etc and seems like Raymond is coming for his mandarin album promo soon! And also a concert in Singapore later this year(to the delight of Hazel from Singapore)..hehehe…

So after waiting on, then I think Sehseh which was beside me was the first person to spot Charmaine…LOLS. So, cameras ready, I started taking photos…..hehehe…..(To provide better resolution pictures, I will post pictures as thumbnails in here. Click image to enlarge)

Caption 1 : Charmaine chatting with Tina(her manager) while walking out
Caption 2: Spotted us

So when Charmaine came nearer and reach in front of me, I handed her the bouquet of champagne roses we bought for her. And I said, “Ah Sheh, sung bei nei ge.”(Ah Sheh, this is for you) And Charmaine took the flowers and said, “Doh jeh!”(thanks)….then she walked on forward and I took up my camera and said , “Ah Sheh, mong ging tao la~”(Ah Sheh, look into the lens la~). Charmaine turned around when she heard what I said and that is how this photo came about~ HEHEHE…she’s very sensitive to DSLR cameras I guess..LOL….


Then we just scattered around her which was very blur…LOLS. I heard her asking something like are we also going to the press con later? And about she having to rush and change outfit or something….HAHA…Then the worst part happen….Since Charmaine was standing there, so my mum just asked me to take a picture of her with Charmaine so she walked over nearer to Charmaine and urgh….she was shoved away by some *** which I do not want to elaborate further on who…If that is not bad enough, that *** while pulling her luggage bag, the bag hit my mum! And instead of apologizing, she gave a glare and annoyed look! Come on, I’m sure my mum is elder than her… some manners and respect please! Totally ruining mood!

After that, Charmaine left for the organiser’s car. Well, its very brief the pick up time at airport, but well that’s how it is during pick-ups. Then oh yea, as a bonus, Grasshoppers and Louis Yuen was in the same flight with Charmaine too! After Charmaine left, it was funny where we didn’t know what to do…..until somebody suddenly realized, GRASSHOPPERS!! the flock of us ran back into arrival hall waiting for Grasshoppers…LOL….So we waited there a little while more and managed to see them. Haha. I shook hands with the long haired group member? I’m not sure of his name! HAHAHA….Here’s a picture of them walking out from the arrival hall~


After that, ‘event 1’ considered ended…LOLS. After arranging and leaving my ‘little sisters’ Hazel from Singapore and Jan to be in safe hands of ‘elder sisters’ Sehseh and Rachel KEKEKE….I then left with my mum, friend KC and her friend Michelle together. The time was around 2pm and our plans were to proceed to Kajang to see Sherman and William (which I feel I really have good fate with them…LOLS) who were having their autograph session there at 3.30pm. I know, so rush! HAHAHA….As to why I feel myself having fate with them? Well, stay tuned in the next post~ HAHAA

P.S. Fanclub members, I will send you all the above and other additional photos in raw(no watermark) file images.


sehseh said...

Looking fwd for the pics. "Shen fu sai" lah!

Jan said...

haha funny Cantonese translation
little sister pula
lol thanks Ivy

Rachel said...

Wow! thanks for the re-caps. Looking forward to more pics. The cantonese translations are SPOT ON.