Thursday, May 20, 2010

Joey Yung talks about kissing Raymond Lam

Seems like ages since I last updated. HAHA. Past week, Joey was filming in Beijing with Charlene Choi, Raymond Lam & Wong Cho Lam etc. And she's finally back this week and during Yahoo! Commercial awards function yesterday, she spoke about her experience filming a kissing scene with Raymond for movie Emerald and the Pearl.

I personally could not imagine Joey with Raymond!! HAHA...I'd rather see Joey with Cho Lam! LOLS....I usually like Ming Pao/On.CC news clips as you can hear the interaction between Joey and the reporters. Its hillarious when Joey wanted to describe a 'passionate, fiery kiss' but could not find a suitable word for it and used body gestures instead. LOL!

Looking forward to the movie! I'm finally done with my assignments for the semester! Yeah!!! However, I'm having exams coming soon! Saddening...Have to start studying soon!

P.S Joey hasn't been singing for quite some time now because she's still resting her throat. She got a growth on her throat which caused her voice to become hoarse. However, she said she's feeling better already after doing acupuncture in Nanking. However, we'll see her singing less for the coming months. I feel its a good thing to rest her vocal chords since she's going to have a major concert in HK Colliseum coming November! Rest well Joey!

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