Tuesday, May 25, 2010

24th May 2010 Event: At KLIA with Moses Chan, Ron Ng & Natalie Tong


Before I start, I have to say going to KLIA is a honest coincidence. I did not intentionally go to KLIA for this. But its just coincidentally I’m flying back to Penang on the same day as them flying back to Hong Kong. My friend Eunice, after getting addicted from chasing star on Saturday, decided to follow me along to KLIA after knowing that Ron and Moses will be going back on the same day too. Thus, I reached KLIA around 2:45pm and I had to buy plane tickets and also went to check in. My flight is at 6:05pm while theirs is at 5:40pm. So I’m quite safe. HAHA. So after done with all that, me and Eunice waited and we saw other fans around too. Its quite obvious the looks of fans. LOL. Its printed on their face in big bold letters “FANS”. Kidding…LOL.

After no activity going on I saw a security look kinda guy running into the check in counter of Cathay. So I got a sense they have arrived. So I asked Eunice to follow me and true enough, Ron and Moses was walking down from the car. And besides the two of them, I saw a lady wearing hat with them too. I couldn’t recognise who is that girl from far, however from the charisma she carries(that’s what artistes have which makes it easy to differentiate them between a crew and an artiste), I’m very sure she is an artiste and not a crew member. Ron walked in first and his fans started surrounding him and followed. Then that girl walked over me and I didn’t manage to see her very clearly as to recognise her. After she walked over, Moses walked in and he looked at me and smiled and I greeted him “Ah Mo!” and he said “Hi Hi!” Then again, his fans started surrounding him. For people like me, who is a fan of TVB dramas as a whole (sitting on the bench)….HAHA…I walked beside the girl to have a closer look instead. She was talking to a crew member beside her while walking and after looking closely at her and recognizing the voice, I blurted out, “Tong Si Wing!!!”. And she turned around to face me in surprise at her name being called so loudly and said “Hello!!” (At this time, I have to honestly say I almost confused her with Tong Ling!!! Thank god I didn’t blurt out the name Tong Ling instead!! Because I tend to confuse between the two, thanks to their cute, youthful looks). She then resumed talking to the guy while we walked towards the check in counter. Once there, Natalie just stood there with the guy while Ron was surrounded with his fans. Then seeing Natalie being free, I asked her, “Si Wing, ho em ho yi tong nei ying cheung hap jiu ar?” (Natalie, can I take a picture with you?) And she was like, “Oh, ho yi, ho yi!” (Oh, can sure) Imagine Natalie saying that in the usual cute way she speaks. HAHA. I then let Eunice take a picture first because I was using my DSLR. After that I passed Eunice my camera and asked her to help me take one. (Eunice!! Teach you how to use already, end up failed…blur picture!!!). I didn’t realise it was blur. After that, we thanked Natalie and looked around. We saw Ron, however he was filming a video for his fans. Then we looked around, however Moses was missing!!! Then Galey (their manager) realized that too, then one of the security guards told her he’ll go get Moses back. LOL. Then Moses returned back to visibility area playing and laughing around with his fans. So I walked over to him and asked Moses if he could help me sign some autographs? And he said, “Owh, ho yi, dak dak.” (Oh, sure can!). As usual, Moses is still the soft spoken gentlemen just like the last time I saw him in previous functions. While he was signing I added, “Ho em ho yi se ngo ge meng ar? Ngoh kiu Ivy” (Can you write my name? I’m Ivy). He then again said, “Ivy, okay.” and he started writing. However, he took a very long time to write and I was wondering what is taking him such a long time. And because he’s so tall, I couldn’t actually see what is he writing. I guessed that he was drawing stuffs so I asked him, “nei hai em hai hou zhong yi wak wa ga?” (Do you like to draw?) And he turned to me and grinned and said, “hai ah!” (yes!). Then suddenly one of his fans came over and asked him if he could hurry up because many people wants to take pictures still. Which made me felt awkward. However, Moses was cool with it and just nodded. Then he passed the first picture to me. I expected him to just sign the second picture however instead, he also wrote my name on it!! So nice of him! LOL. Here’s a picture of the two pictures:

Then after he signed I asked if I could take a picture with him? And he said yes and I took one with him. After that, I helped Eunice take one. However, the picture turned out dark. Thus, we had to ask him for another picture again, and he was okay with it too and just posed for the camera. After that, we thanked him and left because his fans was rushing him. So we went to look for Ron since I haven’t take a picture with him yet. However, I couldn’t find him anywhere. Then I looked at the picture I took with Natalie and it was blur!! I walked over to where a few of his fans were which was also beside Natalie. Then I asked one of his fans where is Ron? And she said, toilet. HAHA. Then I went up to Natalie and asked if I could get another picture with her because the earlier one was blur. And she said, “oh ho yi ho yi” (oh, can, can). Then she wanted to put her arms over my shoulder..haha..however, because I was carrying a backpack so she can’t! LOL. So after thanking her for the picture, we then just stood there with Natalie and then Natalie started asking questions. She asked us if we went to watch their show (Ron & Moses) on Saturday night? I didn’t go, thus, I didn’t answer. Ron’s fans said yeah they did and Natalie asked how was it? And nobody responded though, and Natalie was like, why? And shook her head signaling as if it’s a bad show. HAHA…and she then said, you can tell me, don’t worry. He’s not here! HAHA. However, I didn’t know why, but Ron’s fans didn’t really respond to that. Then it took quite some time for Ron to come out so she asked, “kui em ji oh meh leh, oh gam loi?” (what is he disposing off in the toilet that he needs such a long time?) And we laughed. Then one of Ron’s fans said, why don’t you ask him later? And Natalie was like, “Wah!? Ngo em gaam ar!” (Wah, I dare not!) Then Ron’s fans walked off somewhere further so it was me, Eunice, Natalie and the crew together. And she was standing there quietly so I felt I should create some topic to speak about. So, I asked her, “Si Wing, nei lei joh gei yat ah?” (Natalie, how many days have you been here?) And she showed two fingers up and smiled while saying, “Liong yat!”(2 days). I answered with an Oooh..then I further asked, “yao mou hui shopping ar?” (did you do any shopping?) And she lightened up at that question. She said, “yao ar!! Hui joh go giu meh….One ah?”(I did, I went to that..erm..something called One??..) Then the crew completed it for her, “One Utama”. And we were like, “Oooh! One U!!” And she said, “hai ah, hai ah! Hui Joh bun goh zhong!” (Yes, yes, shopped for 30 minutes!). Then again I didn’t know what to say to her, then the crew then asked her if the bag in front filled with Malaysian traditional biscuits was what she bought? And she said, “em hai ar…li di hai kui dei sung bei ngoh ga” (no, these are gifts).

Then after that, I saw Ron walking back. Galey spotted him and told the rest to walk to the Departure gate entrance instead. So we all walked. I was afraid that they will leave so I can’t get Ron to sign a picture, so while walking, I told Galey, “Galey, ngoh zhong mei loh dou chim ming ar!” (Galey, I haven’t get an autograph!) Then Galey was like, Har?? You haven’t got one..then he gestured Ron to come over…and said, “lei, pong kui chim ming!” (come, help her sign). And Ron was like a small boy following instruction when he said, “har? Chim ming..oh” Then he helped me signed and while he signed I asked him for pictures then I managed to take one with him and then later helped Eunice take one too. Here’s a picture he signed:

After that, again his fans surrounded him and took pictures with him. I think because the fans took pictures many times with him already, one of the security guards wanted to stop Ron from taking anymore pictures. However, another guard blocked that guard and asked him to let it be. This is funny, first time I saw a guard stopping another guard from stopping fans to take pictures with artiste. Get what I mean?? LOL. Probably Galey gave them instructions to allow the fans to do so. So after that, they were ready to walk in and the close fans of Moses and Ron started hugging them..which I didn’t join because I‘m not actually in their fanclubs. Under the commotion, Natalie was standing there so I took my camera up and told her, “Si Wing, pose har la!“ (Natalie, pose for a photo!) And that’s where I got this shot! HAHA.

After I took it, I told her, “Dak! Post siong nei Mei Bok lar!” (Got it! I’ll post it up on your Weibo)..Natalie gave a surprised shocked look and then nodded. HAHA..she then told the crew guy something about ‘tagging it up at weibo’. I think because the crew didn’t know what weibo was. After that, Galey gave Moses and Ron their passport and they managed to walk pass the security check. When Natalie wanted to get hers, I think her boarding pass wasn’t processed yet, thus she couldn’t go through. Then Galey told her she’ll go help her get it done and asked Ron and Moses to go down first. And also she took Ron’s water bottle out and asked Ron to finish the water if he wants to now because he can’t bring it in after. Then Ron said, pour the water away, but I want to keep the bottle. And his fans and Galey was like…You want the bottle?? HAHA. So Ron and Moses was ready to go down and started to say bye to their fans when they noticed Natalie was still at the other side…and then Moses pointed at her and said, “nei leh…??” (what about you??) And Natalie just shrugged. And their fans started asking them to wait at that area and the two gentlemen were like Okay. Ron moved to the left side while Moses to the right. Its like separated to two sides. Natalie, me, Eunice and the crew guy were standing at the centre and we were watching Moses making funny experessions to his fans and Natalie said, “kui hou gao siu.” (he’s very funny). So I told Moses, “Ah Mo, pose ha la!” Then because he saw the immigration officer there so he gave a saluting pose. However, before I could press the shutter, one of the immigration officer blocked my view because he stood in front of Moses. Then I looked at Moses and he also realized I didn’t get the shot because I was blocked. We then both looked at the officer and he was really funny to sort of glide further to the left with the saluting pose for me to get another picture. That’s how I got this picture of him. You could see a little part of the officer’s uniform in the picture. HAHA.

After that, Moses went back to his fans and I’m with Natalie again. HAHA. Then suddenly, some Caucasian guy said, “Excuse me!” to Natalie, because Natalie and actually us, being standing at the centre, actually blocked other passengers from passing the security gate. Then Natalie was like, “Oh, sorry!” and stepped aside. I stepped aside too and after both of us realized what just happened, we both gave each other the “Uh-Oh” looks which was very cute and she grinned. HAHA. Natalie and the crew then walked over further to the side so as not to block anyone else. Then seeing Ron and Moses both very occupied with their fans, I followed Natalie. By this time, the crew guy was quiet probably both didn’t know what else to talk about. And I saw him carrying a big paper bag with the word ‘pastries’ in Chinese written on it. So I asked, “Si Wing…li ti hai meh peng lei gah? Nei mai hou doh peng ar?”(Natalie, what biscuits are these? You bought a lot of biscuits?). Then she said, “Oooh! Hai dan gou lei gah!” (Oh they are cakes). Then I added, “dan gou??”(cake??)…And she added, “hai ah dan gou…goh giu meh Pan…em ji hai meh…goh luk sek ge dan gou…” (yeah, cakes…that one called something like Pan…I don’t know what is that…that green colored cake)…and we exclaimed, “oooh! Pandan cake!!” And she said, “hai ah, hai ah!!” (Yes, yes!) At that time Galey was back and passed her passport to her. She took it from Galey and continued talking while walking..she then added..”zhong yao lau lin gou!” (and durian cake too!)..And I was like, “nei zhong yi sik lau lin gah!!??” (You like to eat durians!?) And she gave a shy laugh and said, “hai ah!” (yes). I wanted to add that I love durians too, however she already went through the checkpoint. Then, Moses and Ron also said bye and waved to us. I waved to Moses and he waved back. Then, finally, the happy thing is, Natalie then turned back and looked for me and waved bye to me..HAHA…I waved back to her too, of course! I think she could remember me better as me and Eunice were the only few fans who were with her most of the time. I could imagine how left out she would've been if we didn't chat more with her as she doesn't have a fanclub in Malaysia. Its her first trip to Malaysia, actually.

I took a shot of them walking down before baggage check, however, I forgot to turn off the flash!!! Which made Natalie looked up at the source of flash. HAHAHA..Oops! It was a really nice send off I would say. Mostly because of Natalie. I didn’t know she was leaving…what a waste I didn’t manage to get an autograph from her because I didn‘t prepare any pictures!! And also I regretted not talking more to her, mainly because I can’t think of what to ask. When we finally started having much to chat, she has to leave already!! HAIHZ.. However, I believe I’ll still have the chance to meet her in the future. She’s a very cute and sweet actress. She’s actually very petite…a little shorter than me! I wonder if she’s under Galey’s management too? Galey is really a nice manager…which is why all the artiste under her are really very friendly and nice too!

Anyone notice they are having two boarding passes with them? Its not a direct flight back to Hong Kong?? It's very obvious in Galey's picture. And look at Ron's clothings. HAHA. So casual! Also the brown paper bag Galey is carrying is Natalie's Pandan and durian cakes!

After that, after having a drink and sending Eunice off to the bus safely, I rushed for my flight too!! LOLS…Because they only left at around 4:50pm. Which meant they spent about 40 minutes with fans, which I enjoyed. HAHA. Hope to see them come here again soon! Phew!! Finish writing! HAHA…Hope you all enjoyed the post!! For now, I would most probably not be attending any events until after my exams next month. Do comment on the posts if you like them, as it’s a motivation for me to attend more events! HAHA..also, subscribe to my blog if you like it!


nikikaka said...

Thanks for sharing. Natalie seems very cute and nice haha. Mo is so funny as always. :) HAHAH when I read upto green cake, I thought of Pandan cake too. ^^

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