Sunday, June 13, 2010

Joey Yung 2010 New Mandarin Song(added MOOV version) + Birthday experience

I'm still halfway through my exams...Suffering!! LOLS...Anyway, Joey released a new mandarin song about 2 days ago. The title is 信今生愛過(roughly translated as 'believe loved cameby this life?'). Its a ballad. I've played a few times. Sound quite okay so far. Have to listen more and wait for the CD version to know. Anyway, here's the DJ version for download:

I will post the CD version once its available.

*MOOV Version Added

On the other hand, I attended the Joey Birthday celebration live conference today. Although it was a very short video conference however it was much fun!! Joey's very humorous as usual. As I'm not supposed to reveal much of the details of the event, thus I'll just briefly update on some information. I managed to ask Joey when will her next album be released and she said September. Since she's releasing a mandarin number, I think it will be a mandarin album then. Which means cross fingers she will come to Malaysia for promotion.

Joey also mentioned that her concert will be at the end of November this year. I'm planning to see if i can make it. Hopefully its after my exams! And also when asked how many shows will there be for the concert, she humorously answered, "erm...hei ma dou yao yat cheung geh" (Erm...there's at least 1 show).

After today's celebration, I'm starting to miss Joey again. LOLS. She's very much into charity now, telling us enthusiastically she brought her HK fans to do charity this morning. HAHA. Although we didn't know what to answer aftet that and just responded with an "Oh." Probably she was dissapointed with that answer. HAHA.

I'm still very stressed up and busy with exam preparations. Will update here more often once I'm in my semester break again!!! See ya!! Enjoy the song~


SB said...

why arent u allowed to reveal details? did u speak to her in canto mando or english?

Ivy said...

Cause its supposed to be a private gathering sorta thing...we speaked in Canto~