Monday, June 21, 2010

20th June 2010: Meeting Big Four at the Airport


Another one of those last minute stuff...LOL. I saw the papers and knew Big Four was coming for promotion of their concert only on Thursday(18th June) and I was in Penang at that time. Thus, I could not attend the functions, thus, sorry no pictures from the event. However, I managed to get a flight similar to their departure time on 20th flying back to KL from Penang, thus, I managed to meet them at the airport.

Actually I thought I was going to be alone this time to see them however, luckily I spotted Ah Ping, Wai Wai and Aiko at the airport also. LOL. So luckily, I'm not alone. HAHA. After waiting for like 20-30 minutes, we finally spotted William So walking in pushing his trolley full of baggage. HAHA. So I walked forward with Ah Ping and Ah Ping called him, "So Wing Hong"...and he was kinda blur and looked at us and I added a "Hello!"...LOL. So we followed him and William was like understood. He left his passport at the check-in counter then he automatically walked to us and stood for us to take pictures with him. So I helped Ah Ping took a picture first. Ah Ping said she wanted a vertical picture, however, I didn't understand that in Cantonese actually, so I took a horizontal one for her. LOL. Then Ah Ping was like telling me again, vertical, then William added, "Aiya, told you already vertical, why never listen ar!?" LOLS....So after that I took one with William. However, I'm not very happy with my picture...LOLS...because my pose looks so weird...LMAO...well, better than nothing. After that, William walked back to the counter. Wai Wai and Aiko was looking for the other three members, thus they miss the chance to take picture with William.

Then the other three arrive and we all move towards Dicky. Somehow, we are all more interested with Dicky. HAHAHA. Then we asked Dicky for pictures and he was happy for it, however, the big large burly Indian security guard stopped us. He said no pictures allowed at airport. At that, we were like, HUH?? Since when does photo taking is prohibited in airports!!?? New Rule? LOLS....then Dicky was like, (btw, he speaks in English), "Owh, no photo in airport?? Awwww". Then for awhile after he said that, we were just standing there and looking at them. I saw Andy Hui and Edmund however, Andy was standing quite far away and he left pretty fast after he got his boarding pass. In fact, he didn't wait for the rest. He just went in straight into imigrations without waiting for his other members. He was probably too tired from watching the football match last night. HAHA. After standing for quite awhile, I felt that I should do something and not just stand there and do nothing watching them. So since Ah Ping has something for Dicky to sign, I took the thing and walked over beside Dicky. Then I called him, "Dicky, Dicky..." At first he didn't hear me, then I called him again and the guard heard me and started to stop me from asking for autographs with reasons that we'll cause the place to be crowded. And I was like, Huh? How can four people be crowded?? However, Dicky saw me and starting telling the guard, "Its Okay, Its Okay." However, the guard still insists with a no...GOSH! I guess by this time, Dicky was frustrated too! He told the guard again, "autographs is Okay!' then he just took the pen and picture from me and started signing it.

Then we took this opportunity to ask Dicky again if we could take pictures? I even asked if we don't on the flash if that's okay? Without flash, no attention attracting right?? LOLS. Then Dicky asked his assistant (I think she is his assistant)...he asked her, "gei cheong hai em hai em ho yi ying siong ga?" (is there a rule that no photos at airport?)...and the assistant was reluctant to give a definite answer and said, "kei sat...yu guo nei okay geh wah.." (actually if you're okay with it..)..Dicky then said, he's okay with it! Then we said, actually, we don't mind just taking one picture, a group picture will be okay too. So finally, his assistant said okay, I'll help you guys take one picture. So we managed to take a group picture with Dicky!

After that, we saw Edmund. He was just right infront of me so we called him, "Edmund!" And he's like "Hey!" and walked towards us. Then he also automatically understood we wanted to take pictures. Then very funilly he asked the guy beside him, "ngoh tau fat ying em ying dak seung ar?" (my hair is it tidy enough for a picture?) Then he started picking and styling his hair a little before taking pictures with us. cute and funny!! He's very nice, and when he takes pictures with you, he's the type where he will place his hands over fan's shoulders. LOL. After that, we walked forward first to the immigration area and Dicky and Edmund was actually trailing behind us. BTW, I was dragging a luggage back at that time, I think they must be wondering when trailing at the back that why this fan brings a luggage bag with her? HAHAHA......

So once at the gate, they said thank you to the crew and shook their hands. Then they turned to us and shook hands with each of us too~ And its them who offered the handshake instead of us. they told us, see us at August 7th then (their concert date). Then they almost took the lift instead of the escalator so we told them, take the escalator, not the lift! HAHA..and they walked towards the escalator. LOL. They waved bye to us and then Ah Ping asked Dicky, next time can she take a picture with Dicky with the bald head instead? HAHA, and Dicky was like "What?" And Ping repeated and he said, "Owh, Yeah can"...LOL. Then they left and at the lower level, Dicky yelled back up to us, "dim gaai yiu kwong tao?" (why must be bald?) And Ah Ping replied, "Coz look more handsome that way". HAHAHA. And we shouted out to Edmund too from above, and he was so blur looking for where we were and finally spotted us up there and waved to us. LOLS.

Conclusion, overall, Big Four were considered really nice artistes. No arrogance of that sort. They are considered veteran artiste in the industry. And I'm starting to have that feeling that HK singers are nicer than some of the TV artistes. HAHAHA....Hmm, August 7th? Well, probably I'll be there too...still about 2 months to go, so I have ample time to decide. HAHA. And Wynner will be having a concert on the same date at Genting Highlands mum is more keen on Wynner though..LOLS. Let's see how it goes~

Since there isn't any pictures that does not have me in it, thus, I'll just share this picture of me with Edmund. Haihz, fatty me already for feasting on durians in Penang for the past week! Gonna shake that fat off and also my final paper is this Friday!! Can't wait to end my exams!!!! Will update more once exam ends!!! Thanks for support~

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