Monday, July 28, 2008

Clips Worth Watching #7

It has been awhile since I posted "Clips Worth Watching". So here is another edition of Clips Worth Watching featuring ISQueen, Tavia Yeung and Heart of Greed Ipoh Special.

Charmaine was the ambassador of ISQueen Japan based Beauty Products and she filmed this advertisement few years back. I'll post up the making of the advertisement and also the final result! Charmaine looks really cute and her voice is still a little 'chicken voice' back then. Haha. And she looked chubbier too back then. Filming a 30 second commercial is real hard work. At average, it takes around 12 hours of filming to complete the shoot. And imagine, striking a particular pose tenths of times and making the same facial expressions many tenths of times too!! I'll get home with an aching face and have no desire to smile anymore after smiling for 12 hours.....LOL! My muscle aches even when someone takes a longer time to press the shutter on the camera when taking a photograph!! 12 hours....???Image Hosted by

The Making....

As I'm unable to embed Baidu videos here because of how complicated it is....I'll post the link to watch here first. Click here to watch.

The Result (18 seconds version)

(30 seconds version)

Tavia Yeung made a long trip to Malaysia recently mainly to promote Heart Of Greed, product endorsement(H2O) and also for stage show. She even got bitten by sand flea in Sabah and red spots were seen all over her could see it at her TVB blog. Lucky thing, it was nothing serious. Here is an interview clip from variety show Mary Go Round aired on JiaYu Channel recently. Tavia was interviewed in Malaysia. Not many people notice this channel as it usually airs ATV and Malaysian Cantonese production. But I saw the TV guide on the newspaper highlighting this that day and OMG!! I was on my way to Langkawi! So I'm going to miss it! But lucky thing my friend KC went over to my house and helped me to set the timer on my recorder! Hehe. Thanks KC!

It was a pretty good intervew with Tavia. I agree with what Tavia said. And also I sympathise her when she had to act really minor roles when she started acting, but I admire her too for not giving up!! Now she is well recognised and gaining more and more lead roles. She has the potential in her. Go Tavia!

Last part of Clips Worth Watching, Heart of Greed Special At Ipoh Private Function. Heart of Greed Cast, Tavia Yeung, Louise Lee, Moses Chan and Linda Chung went to a lucky Astro Subscriber's home to cook, dine and also chit-chat.(I wish I was the lucky one...hahaha) Louise seems to be a good cook. And Tavia was very thoughful and caring. You could see her warning Louise of the curbs and slippery floor while they were carrying the dishes to the dining hall. Moses and Linda on the other hand, handled the desserts. LOL...seems like they did not done a very good job...hahaha. Enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2

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