Monday, July 28, 2008

The Drive Of Life Special : FungPong Blog #5

Wah Zhan Pong Blog : Even

I love competing, especially competing with people that are competitive like Wing Sau Fung. First round, Wing Sau Fung disguised as Sirius International's Miss Choi, trying to snatch that hot springs land from me. I was almost completely deceived by her. I consider her winning this round. Round two, Ngai Tin Hang from Sirius International wants us to help him find a rare pen. Who found the pen first, he will sell the land to that person.

I asked Chi Ming to disguise as the owner of the pen, to trick that Wing Sau Fung to Llama Island empty-handed. Then I took that genuine pen to Sirius International, beating Wing Sau Fung to get the land from Ngai Tin Hang as he promised. This round, I won flawlessly. I'm even with Wing Sau Fung now. I have a feeling that I will be competing with her again, I am really looking forward to it. After all, she is a very special women.

Then, I went to Beijing with Chi Ming to inspect the land. Zhan Man had the intention to build a restaurant nearby my resort. Thinking of me and my buddy, Zhan Man working together to earn big money, wonderful. When I was in my best mood, I got news that Grandpa Wang passed away. I don't really feel the loss, because I left Hong Kong for quite some time, so I'm not very familiar with Grandpa Wang. Our relationship is not that close.

But I know that daddy is very sad. At this times, I think I understand my father. His expression is very indifferent, showing the heavy load in his heart. Just wish that the deceased will rest in peace, others safe, and third uncle will get through this sadness and cheer up soon.

Wing Sau Fung Blog : Try To Stay Calm

I told myself, stay calm, I have to stay calm. Because I wasted the whole day today for nothing! First, my plans are kept on spoiled by Wah Zhan Pong. He caused me to fail to sign the contract with Miss Choi from Sirius International. Then, is that Ngai Tin Hang showing off his collection of pens, and wants me and Wah Zhan Pong to look for what Apollo 11 pen for him. Very obviously this guy is psychologically imbalance.

After that, when I was looking for the pen, I was caught into Wah Zhan Pong's trap! I'm so irritated, irritated, irritated! He also used that 'clever thing' to cheat me! I really wish I could kick this 'irritating thing' straight to Atlanta!

On the way home, I passed a branded outlet. I really felt like spending lavishly to express my anger. But when I thought of saving the money to buy a house for mama to come back and stay with me, that desire to shop vanished.

My EQ is not that low. Now I just have to take a good night's sleep. Tomorrow, when I wake up, I will definitely gain back double of today's lost.

Flashbacks : Zhan Pong's Victory!

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Ivy : Just got back from Langkawi. Didn't manage to attend Fung's event!! But nevermind, I keep on telling myself, he's coming on the 16th of August which is about 3 weeks away. I was browsing through the Astro Heart of Greed web to look for updates and I was so happy to know that Michelle Yim will be coming to the "Ending Abalone Banquet" too this 16th of August!! Besides her, those confirmed attending are Ha Yu, Lee Sze Kei, Tavia Yeung, Raymond Lam, Moses Chan and Louis Yuen. I will post more updates on this banquet once they are up. Tomorrow is also the premiere of Moonlight Resonance aka Heart Of Greed 2. So, happy viewing to those who will be watching!

Also, here is a picture to share from the recent TVB book fair event taken by Tavia's fan from her forum. Reading her experience, I really want to attend functions in Hong Kong!! They really enjoy and take their own sweet time during the functions......unlike in Malaysia....MIB(Security Guards) are blocking everywhere!! And it is so hard to approach the Hong Kong, they don't care...LOL. You can approach and talk to the artiste freely. Notice the pictures on the background....right side there are Myolie's and Tavia's pictures. And left side you can see some of Charmaine's. Yups! Visitors to the fair can actually buy them and the respective artiste will autograph them for you!


Picture credits to fat_peg888 from Tavia HK Forum

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