Thursday, July 24, 2008

Joey Yung, Raymond Lam and William Chan at Miss Hong Kong Finals 2008

Clip Credits to bigpig59

Ivy : Just to share with you all the performance and my thoughts from last week's Miss Hong Kong Finals 2008 by Joey Yung, Raymond Lam and William Chan. The performance was obviously made for Joey because the song selections were all her songs except Raymond's rendition of Justin Timberlake's Sexy Back. Which surprised me as I did not expect Raymond to perform this hip hop style song. I still prefer Raymond singing ballads. But he has to learn to be versatile.

I will not say this was Joey's best performance as it was not a 100% perfecto, but considering she was suffering from PMS while performing, she still deserved a two-thumbs up! Joey could sing and dance under pain and I witnessed that as I came to know that during her concert at Genting which I went last month, she was actually suffering from a sprained leg from the earlier night's performance. Her crews had to use ice packs to subside the pain so that she could perform the next day. And I did not realise anything in her dance move during the performance that night. She hid it well!

I was expecting William Chan to perform a song of his own but he didn't. Instead, he appeared towards the end showing his dance move and singing Joey's song "Yuet Cheong Yuet Keong" along with the rest. Raymond had some difficulty singing to Joey's key but he picked up in the end and I could not hear William's voice!! Haha. I once mentioned EEG is promoting Raymond very much and wherever Joey is, you could spot him, well I mean literally. I'm happy for him of course! Learn from your "Si Jie", Ah Fung. And all the best to your singing career!

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