Monday, August 4, 2008

The Drive Of Life Special : FungPong Blog #6

Wing Sau Fung Blog : Today should be a happy day

I finally settled on buying a house! Middle of this month, when mama comes back, she can live comfortably in this house! After my last meeting with that plaque Wah Zhan Pong, I am blessed with good news. My business is prosperous and my commission has set new records!

I am very satisfied, therefore tonight I treated my colleagues for a drink in the bar. Although no ladies turned out in the end but this did not changed my mood. I could celebrate happily even with my male colleagues.

When I reach home after celebration, it's still me alone. But today, I don't feel lonely anymore. Because very soon, mama will be living with me. I can consider that I have realised the first step of my dream. I finally am able to bring mama back from Canada to start a new life. I know that the following road is a long journey down, but I know that as long as I work hard, I will certainly be able to achieve happiness. Me and mama will certainly lead a happy life.

Wah Zhan Pong Blog : Me again

The other time it was me, causing Zhan Man to be admitted to the hospital causing my father to be in difficult situation with second uncle. This time, it is me again, causing Zhan Man to lose his investment and causing father to be in difficult
situation with second uncle again. How could this weird?!

After examining this weird situation, I can only say this is one bad luck after another. That Ngai Tin Hang really is a demon. He cancelled his transaction for the land at the last minute because of my father defeating him in a business transaction in the past.

I dare say, he is the most unreasonable and unsporting person in this world. Ngai Tin Hang cancelling this contract at the last minute has caused my hot springs resort to be on hold. Zhan Man came over and asked me how is the development of the resort going on. How is it going on? How would I know? I am the victim here too. Because of this, Zhan Man was angry with me. Don't tell me I have to apologise to him like a girl?

Worst of all, because of this second uncle is on loggerheads with father again. This time, third uncle is also included. Although the cause of their feud is mainly from the past events( actually last time my father cheated and tricked second uncle to stay behind in Mainland China!)but the blame will be on me. And my father asked me to pay compensation to Zhan Man.

After the war, father looked at me with that angry expression. I don't have to say much,I became father's place to express his anger. Oh my god~~~~why me again?~~~~~~

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Ivy : Another entry of DOL blog^^ Was very busy the last few days. My brother graduated at last so means now he's back staying with me...and also my grandma followed us back too. So now no more late nights and waking up late( that's what I usually practice) because my grandma will nag me for sleeping so late. And also she'll wake me up in the morning like this morning to drive her to the market. Haha. I slept at 2am last night so I was like a panda marketing this morning....But I think I'll still keep that habit of sleeping late...I know its bad but I'm not used to sleeping too early!!!

Also Heart of Greed function is just around the corner but Astro still haven't disclose the venue! I have to start planning my trip! I'm just afraid that I'm planning for KL and suddenly it turned out to be Johore or something...LOL. Although it is pretty unlikely as Michelle Yim and Louis Yuen will be having a concert at Genting Highlands. So very likely the abalone dinner will be held at KL or Genting itself. I'll post updates once they are available^^

Astro Wah Lai Toi has also started showing promotional advertisments for Glittering Days which will be airing on August 18th right after HOG. So WLT subscribers may want to look out for them. Their pretty funny^^

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