Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Drive Of Life Special : FungPong Blog #4

Wing Sau Fung Blog : I am Miss Choi

Today I represent my client for a meeting with Miss Choi at Sirius International Investment Limited to discuss about the hot springs land at Mainland China. Miss Choi was not in.

Then, I unexpectedly bumped into the fool from China Century Estate Agency, Thomas. This fool was leading another two fools who were from what Palace Spa Holiday Group.

These three fools mistaken me as Miss Choi, and told me their interest in buying the hot springs land to develop it. That means they are snatching business with me? Okay! To know my competitor's background, you said I am, then I am Miss Choi. Basically, to get the business, I can be anyone.

At the coffee shop, listening to Wah Zhan Pong's boasting and his facial expressions, I want to laugh but I have to restrain myself, I want to doze off but I have to restrain again, I really felt like giving him a tight slap on the face to wake him up.

Luckilly, I managed to get their proposal in hand, considered I did not waste my time there. I went back to my company to report this to my big idiotic manager. Again I'm being taken advantage. Sooner or later I will report him for sexual harrasment.

Wait until I have the authority and power, I will definitely not be lenient. I'll stop writing here, it's time to call mama in Canada.

Wah Zhan Pong Blog : If I want to Do It, then Do Something Fun

I am willing to go to work. I believe that to many people, this is an incredible thing. Actually, all this while, I never said that I am not willing to work. It's just that, I insist that I will only do a work that could satisfy myself and also satisfy others. And at the same time, earn a lot of money. And to be able to satisfy me, the work must be fun-filled.

So, working at my father's Steel company is not one of my options. Thanks to my mate, Zhan Man's advice, I finally understand that avoiding from my father in Beijing is not a way to solve problems.

So I went back to Hong Kong, the reason is to talk to my father about my interest. I did not expect my father to force me to work in front of third uncle and his wife. To prove that I was not a fool, I desperately made up that I am interested in building a Hot Springs Resort and Spa in Mainland.

Building a Hot Springs Resort not only could fulfill my three requirements (In Work), but looking at it objectively, it could increase and improve the living standards of the people in China. I dare to guarantee,that the business of my resort will be good. With bright Chi Ming as my assistant, today I have succesfully discussed with Sirius International Investment Limited's Miss Choi. This is definitely a very good start. It is definitely worth it for me to laugh out loud. Haha.

Flashbacks : Click Here to watch the episode of Zhan Pong and Sau Fung's First Meeting

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Ivy : Charmaine is back from Hong Kong!! She attended an event today together with Myolie Wu, Bowie Lam and Tavia Yeung. I'll post up news and updates of the event once they are available. Meanwhile, enjoy the FungPong updates! I love the part where in Sau Fung's heart she felt like slapping Zhan Pong's boastful face. Haha. We sure wouldn't know how her character felt by just watching the drama.

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