Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Drive Of Life Special : FungPong Blog #3

Wing Sau Fung Blog : People who do not invite jealousy is incapable

There are gossips circulating in the company again. Once again, that senseless and nonsense gossips. They said that I flirted with my client and snatched my colleagues' business. I don't bother to comment. The truth is, that client is actually a couple. It is his wife that personally asked me to help them sell their house. Anyway, the comission is already safely in my bag. Why would I care about these gossips. I am not the incapable person here.

Wah Zhan Pong Blog : Tricked

Tricked, really tricked! Huge misfortune! Today, I bumped straight into my father! When I was fantasizing myself holding the championship cup, I spotted my father at the Beijing Automobile Charity Off-Road Race starting track!

Although my handsome uncle helped me to cover, allowing me to escape from the clutches of evil, but in the end, I failed to escape and ended up being hit by my father.

How would I know that guy is Wah Zhan Man? Wah Zhan Man is my cousin brother? And also how would I know about the grudges between my second uncle and my father? I know that my family and second uncle's family don't contact much, and my father always avoid talking about this topic.

Haihz, this Zhan Man is quite a capable person. I am sure that he is as intelligent as me, and he knows more about surviving skills than me. Heavens! Why let me run into him? Now I have caused him to met with an accident and sent to the hospital. I feel so guilty! And when I look at second uncle's sad face, I could imagine father's face...........I know I will be scolded. How daddy would like to deal with me, let him. Most importantly is Zhan Man could get well soon and discharge soon. If not, even if I die a hundred times, I could not repay this crime.

Flashbacks : The Making of Zhan Man in Hospital Scene

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Ivy: Sorry for the delays of updating. Was not around these few days. Anyway enjoy the new updates. And I promise next entry, FungPong will meet each other at last! hehehe. Stay Tuned!

And also Raymond Lam will be coming to Malaysia this weekeend for Niu Zhe Xui Concert at Ara Damansara, KL. I'm still considering and arranging my schedule to see if I could make it. And I will most likely be going down to KL the following week 2nd August...yeah! MTV Asia Awards day! Hahaha. I wanna know if Joey Yung will be attending....if she is then I may consider going up to Genting....owh but then I don't have entry tickets...but besides Joey I know that Karen Mok, PCD, Leona Lewis, Stephanie Sun etc will be attending which I want to see them perform too!! Anyway, just keep my fingers cross....

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