Thursday, July 2, 2009

Joey Pictures *added video*

I couldn't go online for like the past few days!! Depressing!!! Haha. I don't have a line at my Penang home anymore and my mum's laptop was infected with H1N1 so I could only come back today after the laptop has been quarantined and vaccinated. Hahahaha. Luckily not much updates these few days. Only Charmaine attending Virginia Lok's birthday party and Joey shooting some ads and a radio program. Most of the news in the entertainment world are on Michael Jackson's death. What a lost to the pop music industry. Many of our fellow HK artiste already planned a trip to watch his concert but I guess no chance now. Some even bought tickets already....50 nights of concert? It sounds crazy to achieve. No wonder MJ did not have confidence to complete it. RIP MJ. Alright, I still need to give an excuse for opening a blog post right? Hahaha.

Joey filmed a Broadway ad recently. And the theme is young look, mature look, sporty look, wet look bla bla. Hahaha. Almost everything I think. LOL. She took 30 hours to film the ad and had to kick water and hang on wires for it. No wonder she kept saying stuff like "Very tired..goodnight" and "My leg is aching!!" at her Twitter last few days. Haha. So I'm sharing some Joey wallpapers here from the ad photoshoot! Enjoy!(I personally love the blue and pink dress pictures)


I added a video posted by Joey at her official website. The Making of Broadway Commercial. Must watch video! Haha. Ever wondered why artiste complain about the difficulties of 'tiu wa ya' (hanging on wires)?? After watching that video I know why. But no doubt, it looks fun and cool. Haha. Seems like flying in the air so freely. haha. But maybe coz Joey could make herself look relaxed in it. It may be a 360 degree turn if it was me on wires! hahaha. And also the slippery water part seems so fun! haha. But maybe it wouldn't be if you are actually doing it. Wonder if it is painful to fall like that? You can see Joey put much effort into filming the commercial. So lesson of the day from me? Put all your heart and effort into doing whatever task you are assigned to. If you are already required to do the task whether you like it or not, then why not make yourself happy and put your best into it right? Maybe what you don't like at first will turn out to be something you like because of a sense of achievement from your hard work!! You'll never know. Hehe.


Anonymous said...

It's sad to know that MJ died of appereant drug over dose. Through he has a weird life I do admire the songs that he sings and writes. He unites the world with his songs. With his passing the world is one again unite to mourn his lost.

Oh, nice Joey pictures.

YanYanKong said...

How Come the Chat Box doesn't work.I press OK and it doesn't work.Nothin happens when I press OK/Hit Enter! =(.Is it just me/my PC?Or is it Chat Box's problem?