Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Coming event updates & Miscellaneous

Alright, more celebrity events for you guys/gals to pick in the near near near future! Haha. I'll put them chronogically!

Astro Wah Lah Toi Promotion Event

Artiste : Moses Chan, Halina Tam, Wayne Lai and Wong Cho Lam

Date : 27th June 2009

Venue & Time :

2:30 pm - Cheras Leisure Mall, Kuala Lumpur

7:00 pm - Sungei Wang, Kuala Lumpur

Eason Chan 'H3M' Promo Tour & Mini Concert

Date : 2-4th July

Venue & Time : More details will be posted when available

TVB Stars Mega Live (TVB8 Organised)

Artiste: Ron Ng, Myolie Wu, Bosco Wong, Vivien Yeo, King Kong

Date: 11th July 2009

Venue : Arena Of Stars, Genting Highlands

Time : 8:00 pm

More information : click here

Ivy : I will not be attending the 27th event although I do want to meet Halina Tam!! She's one of the person on my list that I want to meet! But unfortunately I already commit myself to something else this weekend so have to be a 'lady of my words' Hahaha.

I may be going to the Eason event and maybe the 11th July one. I'll have to wait for the full detail of Eason's scehule to be out first and learn more about the music concert he will be holding. I will share it with you guys/gals when they are out!

So anyone free this weekend??Show some support to Moses, Halina, Wayne and Cho Lam!! Haha. Charmaine also updated her blog with some photos of Raymond's concert! Check them out at her blog here.

Moving on to talking about something else, the other day my friend sent me an SMS. She told me she was talking to her friend about a post I posted on Shirley some time ago. And her friend told her that it sounds familiar. Haha. Turned out that her friend was actually my blog reader. What a small world I should say. Sometimes I wonder if the person sitting next to me during lectures or tutorials, or in the library or the cafeteria in school is a reader of my blog? Haha. Anyway, I'll take this opportunity to say HI!! Welcome and Thank You to Michelle for reading my blog!

Alright, I think I'll head for bed now! Need some rest after suffering during the exams for a whole full month!! Goodnight!!

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