Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Raymond Lam: Let's Get Wet

Raymond released his album Let's Get Wet on 15th June 2009 just a day or two prior to his concert in the HK Colliseum. I've listened to the album and because of exams so delayed this review for awhile. But since I'm done with exams finally today, so here is my review of the album!

Track List: 01. Let's Get Wet 02. 換個方式愛你 03. 得寵 04. 如果時間來到 05. 值得流淚 (TVB劇集「包青天」主題曲) 06. 愛鬥大 07. Illusion

To my dissapointment, the album only contains 7 tracks and out of the 7 songs, 3 of them are already played before the release date. So let me start with the other tracks first. Track 2, 換個方式愛你(changing ways in loving you) is a pure ballad song where Raymond is famous with. The melody is a good arrangement but the song lacks in creativity to its lyrics. The lyrics seems to be too simple and direct for such an arrangement. With better lyrics fit into it, the song will do better. Nevertheless, the song will do well as another collection of Raymond's K song.

Track 3, 得寵 is a new genre of music for Raymond. The song is a very 'Anthony Wong' style of music. Not the type of music that I adore. Certain parts of the song are too draggy and has a 'dark' feel to it ala Anthony. Track 6, 愛鬥大 is where things start to get better for me. Raymond ventures into R&B for the first time and the song gives a fresh feel to Raymond's music. Raymond proves that R&B is another genre he is able to work with. In my opinion, track 6 will do better still if it is a mandarin track. When things start to get better, track 7 makes it bad again as the start of the music drifted my mind to Rayda! Haha. The familiar opening to the song makes me look back at my media player to see if the correct track is playing! Yes, track 7 is indeed a remix of 愛不疚 which I feel is a waste of disc space.

Overall, the album is not a new breakthrough for Raymond but instead just another collection of album into his discography. He did not venture much out of his usual ballads and the album lacks fast songs for upbeat song lovers which may be a flaw. As bare in mind, listeners to music are not always the fans of the artiste. My reccomended tracks for this album is Track 1, Let's Get Wet, Track 4, 如果時間來到 and Track 6, 愛鬥大. The album also lacks the number of tracks which may be due to the fact that Raymond is too busy to record more tracks and is constrained by the time limit to release his album before the concert to save promotion time.

Is it a worth buy? Well, of course if you are a fan of Raymond! The album cover and 64 page photo booklet which comes with it is already a good enough reason to get it! But if you are a new listener to Raymond Lam, then I still recommend his debut album 爱在记忆中找你 which I feel is the best album to portray and introduce the musical side of Raymond Lam.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, please buy original.Every sales of the album will have a royalty income.

Just in case some of you don't know what is royalty income well it is an income that an artiste gets. Part that is shared between the management and themself.

Since, the review is revealed, I might think again if this is worth getting it. I know this blogger has good taste in music and has ears for good music too.

Anonymous said...

Talking about Ray's debut album and his second I felt he has a wider range of vocals in 1st album. Ray has a good voice and should try more ballads. You never know that sometimes when a person take risk in doing somethings that is out of this world it's worth every penny.

I've known of a famous singer who dares to relive a song that was a #1 hit 23 years ago. And, wow! it did work. It's a lucky charm song for this singer. Every time this song is performed MAGICAL things happen to this singer. They even exibit the awards and other stuff of this singer at the museum.

catherine♥ said...

hi ivy. i got his album already! herm, its abit disappointed for me lar, as what u blog. the picture album is included with the past album picture, and actually, is almost the same. not much suprise! haih. i'm so looking forward to this album, but too bad. but still, i bought the album. support raymond, support original!

SharonC said...

Hi Ivy,u dunno me,I blog hop and came across your blog and totally love it.Now I'm an avid follower.

I think to get out of his comfort zone of ballads,he can try singing more fast track song like he did with 'Tonight' and '原罪'.These two are good.

Anonymous said...

It is not to say a person can sing fast track or not. It depends on the vocals of that person wheather he/she can carry the notes.

What's the point of singing fast track songs so well in an album and make a fool of yourself when it's performed live. Period.

Ivy said...

Thanks for the comments. Its sad to hear that its a repeat of the old pictures Catherine...and SharonC welcome here and thanks for following!