Friday, June 19, 2009

Charmaine's Blog Entry: 18th June 2009


Sunday Is Father's Day!

Hello everyone! This Sunday is father's day already! Hopefully everyone make full use of this day to show your care towards your dad!! Hopefully all of you have a warm and memorable Father's Day!

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Ivy : Another update from Charmaine! She's stuck in Hong Kong because of H1N1 for her holidays so she should be enjoying herself on holidays now with her mum! So she'll have more time to update her blog. And what a beautiful picture!! Oh, Charmaine went to Raymond's concert on the 17th too! Great news to Charray fans bad news for Jo Pao aka Grandpa Jo. Haha. You have too many competitions!! LOL.

Here's a photo of Charmaine and her mum at Ray's concert! Ron sat 3 seats away from her! Haha. (just an extra note...I can't believe Ray became blonde for his concert!!! I think he's uncomfortable with it too..always covering it when he's not performing. LOL)



Sugar Bean said...

Wow, first time visiting your blog. So much information about TVB's artists. Quite like Sheh Si Man too. :)

Anonymous said...

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