Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Charmaine's Blog Update: 12th June 2009

Charmaine updated her blog on the 12th. There's not much words but just some really cute pictures. Haha. Visit her blog to view all the pictures! I'll just upload one picture here! Love her eyes! The title of the blog post is "Self-taken [Beyond] photos."

Visit her blog to view the rest of the pictures and help increase her blog hits! - http://blog.tvb.com/charmainesheh

And a good news!!! Charmaine will be recording for Beautiful Cooking II tonight!! I've been waiting for ages for Charmaine to take part in this show!! Let's see what will Charmaine cook!! I'm sure they'll tease her about stuff like cooking for Kevin. Haha. Looking forward to it!! I think it will be aired on Astro during my holidays! GOOD News!! Haha. I miss watching Charmaine in game shows! As I always say, she's such a sport!

That reminds me! Tavia was in the last few episodes right? I think I'll go get the DVD or something for all the episodes when the set comes out^^ And just 'pou khek' during my 1 month semester break!! 1 week to the semester break! I'm left with one more exam on Monday then I'll have a month break!! YEAH!!

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