Monday, June 1, 2009

Clips Worth Watching #13 A Joey Fanatic News Reporter

I came across this video on youtube. Its an ESPN Sports Channel reporter reporting on a football match. But what is surprising is that he uses Joey's songs to report the news!! Is he like a super Joey fan or just doing this for fun? Hahaha. I can't believe that its even actually allowed! Really funny. And also impressive in his selection of song titles and arranging them together for it to make sense. Haha. Maybe I should talk that way one day. And you know what?? Well I just started making one up!! Not for Joey but someone else! Here! Guess who's song I used! And maybe put up your answer at the Cbox! Haha. 我真的'爱在记忆中找你'。应为真的爱你'爱不久'!'Tonight',我想你想到'真的哭了'!'明天以后','如果时间来到',你一定要'自己保重'哦!

Anyway, here is the video on the Joey one. Haha. And this is the list of song the news broadcaster used : 跑步機上, 隆重登場, 爭氣, 心淡, 相當刺激, 怯, 小小, Lucky Star, 兒歌, 早有預謀, 刻不容緩, 飆汗, 穿花蝴蝶, 一拍兩散, 告解, 紅牌出場, 最後勝利, XXX(朱古力)萬歲, 心花怒放

Maybe you guys/gals can make a list of your own regardless English or Chinese songs and post them up at the comments section of this post. Haha. And let us guess!! Start guessing mine up there!


spoiledbrat said...

urs is obviously la... raymond lam!! the joey song title that u missed was ju gu lik man sui. ju gu lik means chocolate

cc said...

OMG that's so cool.. you should just dump it on jg..

spoiledbrat said...

cc u dodo its been posted on jg before

Ivy said...

haha now i see cc n spoiledbrat lurking around here. LOL.