Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Its 616 today!!

YEAH! June 16th!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOEY YUNGCHOCHO!! HAHAHA.... Have A great year ahead and May All Your Wishes Come True!! Let the great songs keep coming in!!

'A Time For Us' felt like it was just released yesterday. Haha. But Joey is going to release another album in July! This time its a Mandarin album. JJ Lin helped compose one of the songs in her album and I heard it through a video from her MOOV Live Concert on 13th but unfortunately the video was removed already. But anyway MOOV posted some previews of the song from the coming album and I personally feel they sound really Good! Looking forward to the album!

This is one of the song I like (surprisingly a fast mandarin song!). The way the idea came out for the theme of the song is quite funny. Haha...anti-smoking. LOL. The title of the track is 烏賊

Here's the one from JJ Lin. Title is 這就是愛吗? (Is this Love?)

Anyway, Raymond's album was released on 15th June 2009. The title is Let's Get Wet with 7 tracks. Similar to the concert theme. Will talk more about Raymond later when I listen to his songs. Haha.

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