Friday, September 4, 2009

Concert Tickets Sold Out In 10 Minutes, Joey Warns Fans to be Aware of Fake Tickets

Date: 4th September 2009
Source: HK Headline

Joey Yung recently announced her forthcoming tenth anniversary concert will be held at 4th October 2009 for two shows. Yesterday, after ticket launch, the tickets were sold out within ten minutes. Besides feeling happy, Joey also warned fans who did not manage to obtain a ticket to be careful of fake tickets.

Joey Yung will be holding her two concert shows (Joey Yung Perfect Ten Live 2009) at Hong Kong Cultural Centre and tickets were sold out in less than 10 minutes showing her status as Queen Of Cantopop. No wonder her company is willing to spend few million dollars on her.

EEG received many phone calls from fans as to whether Joey will add more shows to her concert. But because of the venue of the concert, the chances of adding more shows is slim. EEG explained that the reason Hong Kong Cultural Centre was choosen is because the place is very meaningful to Joey. Joey won a karaoke competition there at the age of 15 which was her first step into entering the music industry, thus it is the most suitable venue for the concert.

When Joey heard about the sold out tickets in ten minutes, she was shocked. But she was worried that fans who did not manage to get a ticket will be conned by fake tickets. Joey said, "I hope that you all will celebrate my ten years together with me, so please do not mark up the tickets. I also want to warn my fans to be careful when someone is selling the tickets, as I'm afraid it may be a con."

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Ivy : I decided to post this because I felt the news was just....hmm..what's the word?? LOL. I didn't expect this. At least maybe sold out in a day or something like..but not less than 10 minutes!! According to Joey fans, the ticket got sold out in about 7 minutes. Hahaha. And they were even camping outside the ticket hub...OMG. Hahaha. Joey's in Shanghai when the ticket was launched. I guess she's really shocked with it. Haha. She was just posting on Twitter few days ago that she'll try to negotiate with her company to get special fans ticket, but I guess she didn't suceed. Haha. Now its sold out! And FYI, the concert will be held on the same day! Meaning that Joey will perform twice, one show at 3pm and another one at 8pm. Wow, really sanfu her...singing non stop. Hahaha. Anyway, hope she will have a good time with the concert and enjoy her 10th anniversary celebration to the max!!!

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