Friday, September 11, 2009

Updates : T Music Festival

Tomorrow is finally the day for T Music Festival!! Have you bought your tickets? If not then do so fast!! RM268 and RM68 tickets are already sold off. The reason I'm opening this post is because I'm going to leak some information. Hahahaha....

I just came back from the hotel (if you're smart enough you should know which hotel). Before that, I should first say that T Music Festival will be hosted by Ngan Mei Yan and Nicholas from Myfm and also a 'mystery' Hong Kong host that they are keeping secret until now. So basically audience do not know who he will be. But as I said, I just came back from the hotel and I saw who that 'mystery' guy is. LOL. He is Amigo Chui.

Actually I was at the hotel supposingly to see Kay Tse. But then in the end I saw Soler and Amigo. Hahaha. I was not prepared to see them so didn't took any photographs etc. Soler walked by with a whole group of dancers and musicians and I waved at them and they wave back. Haha. Then I continue waiting and suddenly saw Amigo coming down to the lobby in erm...singlet and simple pants...hahhaha...and went into the car I think to go to Bukit Jalil for rehearsal.

I waited 30 minutes more but Kay still didn't come so I guess she went straight to Bukit Jalil for rehearsal then Myfm for interview at 6pm later today. I can't continue waiting already because havr to go home already. Haha.

This is a small moment with artiste thingy today....LOL. I don't think Joey is here yet. She may only be arriving tomorrow because as I know yesterday night she was still in China. Haha.

Anyway, looking forward to tomorrow!!

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